Bartok remote: anyone using the Senic Nuimo?

I’m considering buying a Bartok, but the lack of included remote is giving me some pause. I’m coming from a Devialet Expert, which famously has perhaps the greatest remote control of all time (rotating volume wheel!). I’ve also got the Mola Mola Kula integrated, which at least includes a cheap Apple remote for volume and input selection.

I’m wondering if anyone is using the Senic Nuimo (also a volume wheel! but also with touch/gesture controls). Searches here turn up no matches for “Nuimo” or “Senic”, but Darko had a video about using it with his Bartok. It’s basically Roon-only, so you’d not have input selection, but it’s a darn sight cheaper than the dcs remote (even with the Raspberry Pi).

I tried to get my hands on one, but the manufacturer has stopped making them and it seems easier to find a dodo riding a unicorn than a Nuimo Senic.

The next best option seemed to me to be the 3Dconnexion (which looks like a rotary volume control, but isn’t). I also tried the Microsoft Surface Dial, which would have been great, but it times out after a couple of minutes to save battery life and you then have to wait for it to wake up!

The usual remote control for the Bartok would be an Apple (Mini) iPad or iPhone running dCS Mosaic.
Requires cable connection of the Bartok to Ethernet and WLAN connection to the Apple devices.
Android devices might also work.

Certainly that’s true, but for many a device like this is a poor substitute for a dedicated remote. For example, when the music is up and the phone rings or the spouse calls or someone forgets to turn the volume down and things are uncomfortably loud all of a sudden … well, you will want a remote that doesn’t require unlocking and app launching before you can control volume…

I’m still happy with my Nuimo (for Roon) plus cheap generic learning remote (for video sources), It’s a pity that the Microsoft Surface Dial goes to sleep and needs waking every time, else it would make a nice option!

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I didn’t realise you already had a Nuimo. I’m jealous!

If you want to use it to control the Bartok as a second source, I suspect you’ll be able to do so with the same software on the RPi - I’ve got mine configured to control the volume of the current source I’m listening to.

A dCS remote similar in size to the 3DConnexion would be superb (with the same volume control as their existing remote, which is perfect in everything except size).

The Nuimo does continue to control volume on the Rossini (I ultimately found a used Rossini for about the same as a Bartok) on non-Roon sources, but the behavior is a bit awkward. First, it goes to sleep, so takes a second or two to wake up (when Roon is operating, it doesn’t sleep). Second, if you accidentally press or swipe it, it will switch over to the Roon/Network source. Still nice that it works at all on non-Roon sources.

It would be great if dCS implemented some kind of support for rotary volume controls via bluetooth or network connection (the rotary volume solution on the giant IR dCS remote is not nearly as good as the Nuimo solution via network). miniDSP appears to have directly incorporated code for the Microsoft Surface Dial into their SHD digital streamer.

If only Microsoft would provide firmware that makes the sleep timer on the Surface Dial adjustable… :slight_smile:

After looking many options for a remote solution and not really finding anything suitable, I went ahead and purchased the dCs remote, and I have to say this was a waste of £500. The only functions that are useable with a Bartok is to be able to swich into and out off standby and to change the volume, which is really no advantage if the Bartok is connected to a preamp.

What I found really disappointing is tgat cant use tge remote to even change the input source (Optical/coax/usb).

This is a missed opportunity by dCs…

For anyone considering purchasing the remote, my advice would be to save your money until dCs get around to upgrading the support for the remote

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The remote for current dCS units is Mosaic. Why not use that? I can’t speak for Bartok but the I R remote certainly changes input source for Vivaldi. Mosaic does too. In fact I expect the remote will work with Bartok as its user manual certainly refers to IR control and does not give any indication of it being limited to volume control.

May I ask what you expected the input control to be? It isn’t called “input Source” but " DAC In".


Indeed, as you say it works, both on Bartók and on my current Rossini.


You should find the 'DAC In’ button on the top left of the remote will select between sources (as @PAR mentioned). It works on my Rossini and I’m pretty certain it did on my previous Bartok too.

If this doesn’t work, there maybe an issue, however dCS are very good at monitoring these forums :smile:


I just bought a dCS Bartók and was thinking of buying the remote, but it is off my list now. I’ll buy a dedicated iPad mini instead.

Ivo, I don’t understand why Fernar’s post has put you off the Universal remote when it is pretty clear that the reason he thinks it doesn’t work is that he hasn’t figured out how to use it. There are posts subsequently.

Using an iPad to run Mosaic is fine but you can, of course, save money just by adding the app to your mobile phone.

While you can select inputs (cycling through them, not directly) with the dCS remote, it’s worth noting how terrible the knob feel and response on the volume control is. Because it’s infrared (not Bluetooth or via the network), if you fail to get the aim just right, not every pulse will be received, yielding a less than smooth up/down experience. And the knob feel itself is scratchy and cheap feeling. Not really a luxury product experience. My Senic Nuimo remote is superior in every respect.

See above for why I think the iPad/Mosaic solution is less than ideal: when the phone rings or spouse calls or kids want to watch TV, it’s a lot to ask of someone to find, unlock, and use an unfamiliar app, just to turn down the volume.

Devialet showed how to do this right with their truly fantastic remote. And it looks like Simaudio has got the message, with the remote coming with their North line. dCS is lagging here, at least for those of us who use the Bartok/Rossini without a separate preamp.

By the way, even the older dCS Remote works just fine with the Bartók. For Volume control, input source selection, and even the transport controls work when playing via the network interface; specifically once an album/track is initiated, the dCS Remote can than Pause, Play, Next/Previous Track, and Stop what’s playing.

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If you have a poor volume control then you have a faulty unit. This is not normal and it should be, like mine, as smooth as butter.

If you are using Mosaic, then it needs to be running so that you can select repertoire and control play. The mute control is on the main screen. I have no idea why a device needs to be found and unlocked if the phone rings inless you have locked it. In which case, don’t lock it.

Yes , like everything, improvements can be made but its pretty good right now.

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Pete, thanks. I use a Mac Mini M2 for ROON core and use the iPad 12,9” for control. Biggest issue is quick access to volume and the iPd is pretty big. I noticed the big volume controldail on the remote and thought that would be my easy way to quick access.
You use the remote? How precisely you have to aim? Since it is a IR remote right?

I am sorry to disappoint but I do not use the IR remote to control volume. I am a preamp user which is necessary not only because it does sound rather good but as I need control to switch to a phono amplifier and a tape circuit to feed a headphone amp.Volume is therefore controlled by the preamp’s remote. I am afraid that I am no longer easily able to swap connections around.

I did check , however, on the IR and angle of acceptance. I face my loudspeakers with the other audio hardware in a rack off to the left at approximately 45 degrees to the seating position. Commands from the dCS Universal Remote are accepted without any need to adopt strange attitudes :smile:.

I mainly use Mosaic which is run on an iPad Air or Galaxy S22 model. These are always to hand when listening. The IR is used for control of my Rossini Transport which is not supported by Mosaic. I do occasionally use it to switch inputs as it is convenient .


I would say the same as my dCS remote works flawlessly, even when pointing 100º away from the DAC. The volume control is one of the best bits, I find it very tactile and accurate.

In fact, it’s so good, I couldn’t believe it was an IR transmitter at first.

I would prefer a smaller remote, which is why I have a SpaceMouse on my desk, but it’s nothing like as good as the volume control on the proper remote.

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I just hope you all get the chance to use the Devialet Expert and/or Senic Nuimo remote someday. It will change your baseline of what is possible in terms of design and knob feel on a remote, I promise you. Leaves “the plank” in the rearview mirror.

As for IR angle, my Rossini is below a bench, behind a chair. That is sometimes a problem for the IR, and never a problem for my Senic Nuimo (or iPad, for that matter, altho that still has all the “find it, unlock it, fiddle with apps” annoyance).