Bartok or LIan Which is better? Mix and match?

Hi, I am a headphone only user at the moment .

Bought a Bartok earlier this year. Love the footprint, look and more powerful AMP on the LIAN. Thinking, should I sell off the Bartok and go full in on the new AMP and DAC?

Maybe just add the new AMP to the Bartok ?

Liam looks like the Naim pieces style wise… Looking to boost my AMP output to be able to power the Abyss 1266 or Susvara cans…I have the Diana TC’s ( not overwhelmed, I seem to enjoy my Focal Utopia more and more over them) Any thoughts?

From reading seems like Bartok would be the better piece not withstanding the Less powerful Amp , the great form factor of the LIAN ( it is cool looking in my opinion)

Any opinions?

→ LINA it is called.

Ok so what headphones are you driving with the Bartok?

There are some very good options out there for amps that would pair very well with the Bartok, which will get 2.0 firmware on 31 May

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and then there are a whole load of headphone where Bartok is more than enough

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I have the Bartok with the amp option. I is 1.4 wt vs 2.0 in the LINA design, that’s why im asking. I want to look at Susvara or abyss 1266

Im torn here. I want to drive Susvara or 1266 Abyss cans or any future cans that need power . I don’t want to be restricted if possible. That said Im am considering staying with Bartok and adding a Rossini clock. if Bartok can drive the more power hungry headphones? So many conflicting reviews says they can drive Susvara and 1266 and they don’t drive Susvara well etc.

This leads to to consider going to the new Lina line and selling off the Bartok because from what I read the power amp is better???

However is the DAC as good etc?

I have Diana TC and Utopia’s right now, and the TC I feel is held back from Bartok???

I have Rossini Apex and using speaker tabs for Susvara and TC

TC is not that difficult to drive. Susvara is a different story! I can drive it great from the speaker taps of my Gryphon integrated amp!

I wonder what the comparison between the DCS Lina and Bartók 2.0 HDac sets will look like. Today, new software for DCS Bartók is to be released. It will be necessary to complete this comparison.

I’m considering buying a used Bartok. For the same price, I could get a new LINA. An external clock would have to come later in either case. I’m curious how the sound of the Bartok compares to the LINA when used asa one-box DAC.