Bartok Operating Temperature

I understand it is typically recommended to keep Bartok (as well as other DACs) on or in sleep mode when it is not in use, in order to avoid taking long time to get back to the optimal operating temperature if it was powered off. However, I typically do not feel comfortable keeping the toys on or in sleep mode when not in use, not due to power consumption concern but because sometimes my neighborhood has voltage spike and/or sudden power outage. Although my power conditioner has protection, I do not feel comfortable keeping them connected to power all the time. With that said, I powered Bartok off, and when I turned it back on, operating temperature went back up to 37c +/- pretty quickly. If my observation is correct that optimal operating temperature is easy and quick to get back to, it is not necessary to keep the unit on 24/7. Am I right on this?

By the way, what are the differences between powering the unit off using the power button in the front (holding for 5 seconds) and the power switch in the back?

About powering off via the front button or by the rocker switch in the back. In my experience (this has happened more than once), the Bartók can get in a state (it’s at least partly a computer, after all) where the front button has no effect. (Neither will the Mosaic app running on an Android phone.) The rocker switch always works.

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If you are not happy in keeping the unit on 24/7 then do not do it. I think that the idea of keeping it on all of the time depends upon your typical usage patterns. If you have listening sessions separated by only a few hours then leave it on. If they are separated by many hours or even days then switch it off . We all use too much energy for the health of the planet and putting the unit into sleep mode does not save that much energy. I use several tube based units where on or off is a trade off between entropy or thermal shock :smile:.

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Thanks. To power it off, shall I do it first with the front panel button, and then the power switch in the back? Or either one is fine? Or put it to sleep mode in the front and then switch it off in the back? It is a little confusing to me as it has two power off options. Thanks.

As you are concerned about damage being caused by your poor local power supply I would be inclined to switch it off from the rear panel. It is then physically disconnected from the incoming mains power which may not be the case when using the front panel switch.

Got it. Thanks Pete!