Bartok display feature

Hi dCS, hi Forum.
I am enjoying the my new Bartok (without headphone amp) very much.
It worked kind of directly out of the box, recognized by Roon and I also got Mosaic working after some changes in my QNAP NAS.
Although I like Roon, the fact that I can use folder search in Mosaic will make me use both apps. And the beauty is that both apps (and the Bartok) are happy switching between them.

My question is a request about the display.
It is very informative if you are close. The volume indication however can be read from my seat but I have a preamp so I never use that,
Would it be possible to show sample-rate / bit depth/ MQA in a larger font as the track that is running is too small and is of less interesting as you drive it from the app.
Ideally both views should be selectable as I guess the current one is loved as well.


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