Bartok connection help

Trying to get myself in a position so that I am ready to use my Bartok as soon as it arrives. At present I am using the Innuos Zenith 2 with my Naim ndx2. The Innuos is connected to my router with one cable and to my Naim with another. Can I assume that connecting the Bartok will be the same?
Thank you.

Hi John,

Correct, a single standard network cable connected from the router to the ‘MAIN’ Network port on the Bartók is all you’ll need on that front.

Just one thing to note though, the two Ethernet ports on your Zenith needs to be bridged. Unlike the Naim NDX 2, the Bartok does not have independent music controls via Wireless or front-panel, the Bartok needs IP connectivity to the rest of your home network for Mosaic to be able to reach it and work properly.

Same reason why the Bartok doesn’t work with Melco’s servers configured to “Direct Mode”; where the Ethernet “LAN” port and “Player” ports are not bridged.

Bartok arrived today ahead of schedule! How lucky is that? Any later and I would probably have had to forego making the change.
Tremendous service from Jack at Audiobarn who delivered the Bartok today and fully understood that social distancing meant that I couldn’t let him past the front door!!
The Bartok worked, straight out of the box. No problem with the network and Zenith. I have contacted their support team and been told that the Bartok would work in exactly the same way as the Naim - and so it did. Bartok sounds amazing. I shall leave it playing to itself for a while. It’s a big beast though, isn’t it!!!

That’s small for dCS. Wait until you see the current silver disc transports or the Vivaldi One :smile: