Bartok as preamp driving tube amplifier


I am planning to drive a tube amplifier with the Bartok while I have my tube preamplifier sent away to the factory for phono section retrofit.

My amplifier is a VAC 200IQ (impedance 100k single ended 200k balanced) but dCS specs says 10-100k recommended.

I read an article of a VAC Phi 200 driven dCS Bartok on HFC but seems to be not specification I can compare to the 200IQ.

No problems should be encountered in this respect. The input impedance of your VAC amp ( 100K or 200k balanced) is great. A problem would emerge if the input impedance was significantly below the minimum recommended by dCS i.e <10K.

Of course input impedance is not the only issue. There is also that of sensitivity but Bartok’s user selectable line voltage should deal with that.