Bartók and MQA — which USB input?


I am looking at purchasing a Bartók. Can you help me understand this on the Bartok two USB inputs? Are USB inputs (#1 and #2) both able to allow the DAC do full rendering and unfolding of MQA? I am specifically asking for the #1 USB input, the USB Type B input.


The USB type A input is for attachment of a USB thumb drive with music files on it. For MQA decoding and rendering to function correctly the files need to be properly tagged. See:

The USB type B input only supports MQA streams that are already decoded so you’ll need to do the decoding upstream in your playback software.

Thanks Andrew.

So for USB Type B input (marked as USB #1 on the back), Bartok can do the final MQA rendering, provided it’s fed with the first unfold from the streamer (such as Roon), right? If so, this should not be a problem, as I have Roon, which does first unfold. Correct?


Yes… but… why not use the network interface for Roon playback?

I may. I don’t have a Bartok yet. I can also stream from my Innuos ZENith MK3 via USB to try. Whichever would sound better.

Network will give you a far better experience.

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