Bartok 88.2/24 format issue

Recently I’ve noticed the sound has degraded on 88.2/24 khz flac files I stream from my Synology file server through JRiver. The sound can be described as hollow, bandwidth limited and it times distorts as if peaking out. I might also mention that I am using the Rossini Clock with the Bartok. This has never been an issue in the past. All other file types sound wonderful. Has anyone else out there experienced this?

Hi Rich,

If you pop the files onto a USB stick and play them from USB on your Bartok then do they still sound distorted?

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just tried… yes still have issue

Maybe not the same, but I see 16/88 in the app when playing a cd on my rossini, no distortion though

Thanks Rich,

Is it only on 88.2/24 format files? Do others play correctly?


Yes, only 88.2/24. All others are fine.

Thanks for your help Phil

Additional experiments today revealed the F1 filter (my default) to possibly be the culprit. Once I switched to any other filter the distortion went away. Again, only on 88.2/24 files. Your thoughts?

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Can I get you to log this issue by sending a summary email to [email protected] then I can get some space allocated for you and get you to upload a couple of example audio files so we can see if we can reproduce the issue here…?

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Thanks Phil… you should be seeing it within the hour.