Bartok 2.0 setup

Good morning guys,

Since 2019 I own the dac Bartók and I have always wondered what is the best configuration to exploit the full potential of my dac in relation to the components of my system which is currently composed by Arc Ref6se, Arc Ref80s, cd Arc Ref9 and Wilson Sophia 3.

After upgrading to 2.0 the dac Bartók is thus configured DSDx2, filter F3, DSD filter F5, mapper 3, output 6v.

The sound obtained is very natural, somehow analog without roughness and decidedly pleasant despite being very defined both in amplitude and in depth.

I am curious to know what your setup is in relation to your system and what sound you can get.

Have a good day


Hi Cesare,

Remember that what is an ideal setup for one person won’t be ideal for everyone else…

I have mine set up for DXD upsampling, generally run filter F3, never use DSD unless I’m testing something for a customer, have no idea what mapper is selected and have the output set to 2V (so that I don’t clip my amp when I give in to the devil on my shoulder)… :slight_smile:



Hi Cesare,

I’ve recently purchased an ex-demo Bartok 2.0 and I run it with an ARC Ref 3 pre, ARC Ref 75se pwr and Raidho C1.1s.

I’ve not had the Bartok for very long but thus far I prefer DSD (DSD filter 1) with upsampling filter 4 for MQA and filter 1 for non MQA.

I prefer filter 4 for MQA as I find it is a tad smoother (tending towards the analogue sound), without any loss of clarity.

An Awesome piece of kit is the Bartok. I’ve been very surprised by just how good it sounds especially through the ARC amps when thoroughly warmed up!


I would agree. My Bartok was stunning and anyone buying one at today’s used prices is, IMO, is getting a bargain.

I completely understand that many feel the Apex upgrade for it is too expensive, but the Bartok remains a damned fine DAC and the best I’ve heard at the price.