Aurender W20 and DCS DeBussy two wire AES/EBU

Will I be able to pay PCM 44/489/192khz and DSD64/128 files using two AES/EBU cables. Meaning am I restricted from playing any DeBussy compatible files with two AES/EBU cables vs. one.

The Debussy supports PCM formats up to 24/384 and DSD128 via the dual AES inputs. A single AES input supports PCM formats up to 24/192 and DSD64. With dual AES some lower rate bitstreams will be sent over one channel only and the DAC will automatically respond correctly depending on how the W20 is configured.

Thank you. Just what I needed to know!

Anyone have suggestions on the best 2 wire AES/EBU cables they have had success with between the Aurender W20 and the Debussy?

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The combination of an Aurender W20 and Debussy is unusual and I doubt that there are too many people here who have experience of this. The reason being that the W20 is Aurender’s top of the range streamer but Debussy was dCS’ entry level product. The W20’s big advantage over its less costly relatives is that it has a wordclock input making it ideal for use iwth dCS components if you have a dCS system clock.

So if you want a precise answer to your question you may not be fortunate. However if you want an answer to a more generalised question " what are your preferred AES/EBU cables?" you may get more response.