Audio Research assigns assets to third party firm for liquidation

On April 4, Audio Research assigned assets to Lighthouse Management Group, a turnaround firm, for liquidation to pay creditors.

This looks to be the end of one of the best known long-term names in high-end audio. :cry:

Unbelievable story. Looks like the revenues of the business are very low.

Update from ARC’s Dave Gordon.


The price of tubes is ridiculous now. The only reason I didn’t buy a pair of 160M’s last year is the cost of replacement KT150’s.

Since we have a 2-chan/HT, I calculated we’d need to replace tubes every 14-15 months. It’s one thing to buy expensive cables that have an indefinite utilization, it’s another to spend this much for a consumable.

Based on the current limited availability there’s probably very little stock for a repair depot to buy. Getting one fixed at this point is going to be difficult.

Such a shame seeing one of the GOATs of audio go down this route. Hopefully they will find a new owner who will be able to restructure the business but it won’t be easy and in any case it will require some time.

Isnt’ audio research under the umbrella of Sonus Faber and some other WW audio companies?

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To be fair, the fact that most tubes are made in Russia doesn’t help.

Still, ARC has a supply for new products and replacements are pricy but available.


Their revenues are really, really tiny. It’s not only on the cost side.

My comment was addressing the “tubes are expensive” comment.

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No. They had been spun off from the group in connection with a management buyout.

ah, thx! didn’t know that.

Yeah, Trent Suggs - who is now out - bought Audio Research in 2020.

What Hi-Fi? - Audio Research sold by McIntosh Group to former sales director

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