Are we the exception?

I can’t say for certain as the only way that I can check is to upend my Rossini Transport and at 21 kilos I am not even going to attempt it . However I think that it is the same ( or similar) to the top panel albeit with holes for the feet and other fixings. By feel the surface texture is the same. No doubt someone from dCS will correct me if necessary.

Thanks. It’s funny however to me it does not feel like aluminum. I hate to say what I think it feels like🥺

On the topic of casework, I think the Bartok is absolutely perfect. The design is clean and streamlined and the material feels good in hand. The balance of black and aluminum is striking. For its price, I feel like I’m getting something, but more importantly the design is satisfying.

As you go up the line, the wavier forms are less interesting to me, but that’s just me. I love very modern, clean, square designs. But I can appreciate that there’s differentiation and I’m sure that at those prices casework is part of the appeal and representation of quality.

In any case, all dCS components are beautiful. There’s a lot of very tacky casework out there in audioland and in some cases that alone would drive me away from interest.

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I agree with you, Andrew. They’re all great, but I think the Bartók is just gorgeous. So clean and restrained. I wish my Vivaldi Clock matched it a bit more. And didn’t dwarf it, ha ha

(I also think the pointy monolith approach works especially well in black, but I might be in the minority there :slight_smile:)

Having both Vivaldi and Rossini components too I have to say that in the flesh ( as opposed to photos) the Vivaldi items IMO are just so elegant. I have to admit that when Vivaldi was released initially I thought that the industrial design was a step back from Paganini and I was not alone in this view. That was until I saw the real thing.

Rossini is a successful exercise in making a differentiation from Vivaldi whilst maintaining the house design language. But in the end I find the fluting a bit too fussy and not wholly in keeping.

I tend to agree with Pete here. Although the black colour subdues…

Vivaldi is beautiful. It’s one of the reasons I love it. And while I am not privy to Pete’s info about the fascia cost, and I agree that milling from a single block imposes costs and service considerations, other even smaller makers manage it. And I suspect it would be stunning given every other aspect of dCS’s efforts.

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The dCS line-up is stylish, but no extravaganza. Its casework does add up to its production cost, of course, and I would not be surprised if it adds up to 50%.

In no way it’s design is at the top. Should it be? Pride of ownership does not only depend on exterior design.

Sometimes it does.

I have been pirchasing Hifi since the dismal days in the early 70’s of my public school, when music was an escape.

To be contraversial i have never listened to any piece of hifi prior to purchase. All my purchases leading upto the chance discovery of dcs vivaldi as I researched the Naim Ndx2, which I cycle to and then what would have been a the ND555 streamer.

Vivaldi was consistently written about with ultra high praise and most of all it was said to do THE thing I have always been seeking and the ethos made a whole lot of sense (thanking @James in passing for the ongoing tech chat, fascinating) . The band or solo artist or (occasionally) Orchestra is here playing for me in a realistic setting.

I have always attempted to improve my kit, i have a penchant for big Levinson power amps and have a pair of 33hs. I love the ethos of and have followed Max Townshend since he first appeared and now DCS does it for me to…

I have a black Vivaldo Dac and a Silver Vivaldi Upsampler. I appreciate the aesthtics of it and the possiblity that one can fall victim to 10 LPs and full 6 pack 135 Naim/Linn system.

But for me its what happens inside the case work and will the band be with me…

My next purchases will progress (finance allowing) Vivaldi Clock, probably silver and then I’ll replace my levinsons with DartZeel NHB108 power amp…that may well require a listening test. And then the most problematic item…changing the speakers.

Lets hope the hearing holds out…

Happy hobby

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Well, I would say that pairing the dCS house-sound with the darTZeel house-sound is not the first idea coming up to my mind.
I would prefer with the dCS gear to partner with more ‘meaty’ amplifiers. D’Agostino or Gryphon would be alternative choices and they can drive almost any speaker on the Planet.

Also, if you purchase the clock later, don’t forget to keep some cash for a 10 MHz Reference Clock added to the Vivaldi Clock. It is always a worthwhile improvement to get the best time reference from a 10Mhz clock (Cybershaft, Mutec are in the 4K - 7K€ range).