Apex ? What is that?

Hi dCS team,

I guess you noticed all the discussions raising on the new prices…

So, what is Apex, only the highest price possible ? Or is there any improvement of the product itself ?

A communication on this would be appreciated, and a word on possible upgrade too.

I hope hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,


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Chris, I’ve given them a dig too (using the “contact us” page on the dCS website to send a message). I know it is monitored, because I received a quick reply to a servicing query just a couple of days ago.

I like that :laughing:

I’m afraid there’s no upper bound for that :- :slightly_smiling_face:

I expect their lips will be sealed until the official announcement, which will hopefully be on Feb 1st along with the official price lists, etc.

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I guess Apex is much more than a new pricing, we shall know very soon. But if we can upgrade from Vivaldi 2.0 I shall be a very happy customer because I was always an advocate of Vivaldi 3.0 instead of a product replacement.
The design of the Vivaldi case is beautiful and can last over a lifetime, so it is more eco-friendly upgrading products rather than replacing it every 5 years or so…The last time I replaced my Macbook pro, its case was still like new…a strange feeling I must say.

So curious to see what Apex is ?

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Totally agree on the casework. It looks just as up to date today as it did when it debuted 10 years ago!
I still think it’s one of the most beautiful hifi components ever made.


Maybe we are entering the world of minimax strategies?

What about matching the new dCS Apex with the new Gryphon Apex range? Now to look on the positive side: dCS Apex look reasonably priced compared to Gryphon Apex:

Apex Stereo Power Amplifier: 82.500 EUR* / 99.000 USD*

Apex Mono Power Amplifier: 165.000 EUR/Pair* / 198.000 USD/Pair*

Commander Preamplifier including Commander PSU: 52.500 EUR* / 63.000 USD*

(StandArt Apex Amplifier Stand: 6.500 EUR* / 8.000 USD*) – Is going to be released together with the Apex


You mean dCS are calling their product Apex and Gryphon are calling their product Apex?

There 's only one way to settle this: FIGHT !!

With apologies to Harry Hill ( probably understandable only to Brit readers :grin:)


Thanks Pete that has made me chuckle. As a fellow Londoner I get the reference.

I just red the introduction to Apex Dac dCS issued.

They say that their golden-eared experts can hear the difference/improvement between Apex and non Apex Dac…I can’t hear the difference between the different filters on my Vicaldi Dac…I guess I am not in the golden hear category…Is there any chance I can hear the benefits of the Apex DAC ?

The only way to find out is to listen.

I don’t get the rush by people to upgrade without hearing it first; I’ve mentioned before that there are numerous new models and upgrades throughout the high end industry that have turned out… not to be.

I’m definitely not saying the Apex won’t be worthwhile, but rather I want to hear what my $9000 would be getting me and determine whether it’s worth the price.

I’m hoping to audition Rossini vs Rossini Apex on Tuesday :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll make a decision after that whether to upgrade to Apex. Other options might be a Rossini Clock or Guarneri speakers

That will be interesting to read after you had the chance to compare the two set up.

I know that the best way to make the upgrade decision is to listen to an Apex dac, but very few dealers shall have the opportunity of having two Vivaldi dac in their showroom…so we will be happy reading you after a comparison with two Rossini dac, it is a very good starting point in the decision process :slight_smile:

I’d also be inclined to think you’ll hear more of an improvement moving from Rossini to Rossini + Clock than going from Rossini to Rossini Apex, but do keep us informed.

Note this soon it may be impossible to find a Rossini Apex that’s been properly broken in yet; certainly I would want it to have at least a week’s 24/7 run time on the desired input first.

For a company like dCS it must be tricky when your products are already as good as they are. Clearly they want to grow their business and grow their margins and I fully admire their strategy to offer ‘free’ software upgrades (baked in to the original price of course!) and not having customers having to dispense with perfectly good expensive well made ‘boxes’. However when many of your audiophile customers are finding it difficult to hear the difference ‘upgrades’ truly deliver you have to find ways to tempt your existing customers to part with more cash. Either travelling up the upgrade pathway or upgrading what they have. This new Apex ‘upgrade’ will not be a choice for new Rossini and Vivaldi customers but it does present an excellent sounding excuse for a significant price hike. For existing customers it’s a different challenge. If you already have the best (full Vivaldi) stack, can you live without the upgrade? That’s where a side by side in home demo is a must unless you can afford not to care about the cost. My recommendation is to find a way to do it blind to avoid any confirmation bias if you really want to and need to know if it’s really worth it. Don’t misunderstand me here - I’m a huge dCS fan. I think they are an admirable company that produces outstanding (the best) products but I for one know I am reaching the point that I find it REALLY hard to tell the difference and careful demos have stopped me pulling the trigger more than once and reminded me to stop listening to the kit and just enjoy the music.