Anyone using Tellurium Q Ultra Black II speaker cables?

Interested in hearing feedback from anyone who is using / has used Tellurium Q Ultra Black II speaker cables.

Hi late reply to your question but I’m new to the group. I had the Tellurium Q Ultra Black 2 on demo in my system for 2 or 3 months. I enjoyed the cable and felt it provided a fairly warm sound when feeding my somewhat bright B&W 803D3 speakers. My original cables were the Audience AU24 and I was comparing the Telluriums against the Atlas Mavros. Transparency was good with the Tellurium as was their pace rhythm and timing. For me, in my system, I preferred the Atlas Mavros. However, I would have been perfectly happy with the Tellurium and with some recordings I preferred the Tellurium over both the Audience and Mavros.

Not using that specific model of Tellurium Q cables, but I love their gear.

Have been running Black Diamond until recently, and considering the move to Silver Diamond now. It’s gorgeous cable.

(Rest of system, for what it’s worth, is a Bartók and Pass Labs amplification.)