Anyone try Audirvana beta Linix core on your NAS

Hi, I am thinking about trying this and possibly ditching Roon. Several of us like but don’t love Roon over its sound quality compared to dCS Mosaic and Minum Server.

Another question is does dCS plan to support Audirvana in addition to mimic server ?


“We” are a UPnP client so therefore you should be able to use any UPnP server with our streamers however Minimserver is the UPnP server that we test against.

I hope that helps…



Yes now supported, see dCS / Audirvãna Partnership - News - dCS Community

When you say supported … like how? Is it now possible to use the Audirvana interface to control the Rossini Apex instead of using Mosiac for local network file playback? Maybe I’m confused. That would be exciting if true as I love the Audirvana interface.


Hi so I am trying Audirvana. Trial sub. It’s using the Minim UPnP server. I don’t have it on my linux core (Synology NAS), but I can already tell it’s better than Roon. Sounds more like Mosaic…I am wondering if the common denominator here is Minim UPnP.

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