Anyone try a Jay’s Audio Transport?

For people who want a CD-only system, it seems to make a lot more sense to get a transport like their CDT2-MK3 and save $3K or so compared to opting for say the Rossini Player over the Rossini DAC, especially as I confirmed Jay’s will, at extra cost, add a clock input that will work with the Rossini Clock.

Any experiences out there?

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I have this Jay’s CDT2-MK3 now. A friend bought it directly from China and gave it to me for a test while he was waiting for a new DAC (Aqua Formula).

I have been using it for a very short time (also I was busy listening to Meitner MA3), so it is too early to draw conclusions. But the first impression is that it is quite a heavy-weight device. Much more weighty than the built-in streamer in the Bartok.

But I miss the softness a little, as I did with AN CDT2 BG or Metronome.

I think it will take some time to break-in (around 400 hours)

I am using Siltech Ruby Hill 2 power cord and JPS Aluminata AES/EBU digital with Jay’s.

It is very interesting what you write about Clock input. Even if I use the direct connection Bartok (master) to Jay’s (slave), it seems to give some advantages. Please tell more about the possibility of installing an additional clock input?

by the way, an interesting point - I turned on the Master mode for AES connection. And I don’t hear any drops or other artifacts. I tried the Audio mode, but I can’t say for sure if there are any tangible differences. Should I leave Master Mode?

I asked Jay’s if they could install a word clock input to the transport to allow it to sync with the Rossini Clock, and they said they could for a small additional charge ($300.)

That would allow you to use the CDT-MK3 with a Rossini in Word Clock 1-2 Auto Mode by routing Output 3 from the Rossini Clock to the transport (at 44.1 KHz), locking the transport to the Rossini Clock.

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Please share information here if you decide to order Jay’s with w/clock input. It will be interesting.

I also came across this thread, but I’m not sure, more like a Pro-Ject promotion))

But it would be interesting to try this transport too.

As with the unmodified Jay’s the problem would be getting clocking from a Rossini Clock into the Pro-ject; it might be possible via the I2S HDMI connection but it sounds like a headache.