Anyone tried one of these?

A clock for both the Bartók DAC and EtherREGEN Ethernet switch. This thread on Audiophile Style is very enthusiastic about the benefits of adding an external clock to the EtherREGEN. Since I have both Bartok and the EtherRegen I’m very tempted by what looks like a terrific bargain (prices are in Hong Kong dollars, not US). I’d be interested to hear from anyone who’s tried this.

Sure. No doubt the word clock on the Geisman is superior to the VXCO PLL clocking technology in the Bartok. :wink: And a reference clock inside the same box? Maybe, but pardon my skepticism. As for all that hoopla about clocking the ER, well, all I can say is that audiophoolish foaming at the mouth is fun to watch.

Not to disparage anyone or anything, but Greg is spot on in being skeptical :+1:t2:

If you didn’t know, “AfterDark” is Adrian Ip (yes, one guy), a reseller who specialises in carbon-fibre cosmetic re-covering of existing products - I know this for a fact because I bought an ER* from him.

I don’t have any direct experience with the product in question, but based on everything I’ve seen, it’s likely a Made-in-China Clock thats been re-covered and renamed and sold as an Audiophile magical solution.

I would be highly skeptical of all claims, including by reviewers claiming amazing results.

*ps: I bought the ER to test out Uptone’s claims. As expected, it doesn’t do anything special that any $50 switch with an SFP port doesn’t do.


Oh my, good to know. Thanks.

Actually, the ER can also serve as a PSSHTPW (point source space heater & tube pre-warmer), as it runs so hot. :wink:

I remember when Audiophile Style started out as Computer Audiophile years ago. It was at one time a great source of credible information and even meaningful equipment reviews. I learned how to rip SACDs over there. While there is still good stuff available—just for example, see the piece about convolution filters for the RAAL/Requisite SR1a ribbon ear speakers—it’s a shame what’s happened overall. The name change says it all.


I remember when Audiophile Style started out as Computer Audiophile years ago.

Yeah me too. I will say their Classifieds are a great place to sell stuff. No fees, a useful text editor, and you get a good audience for even the geekiest of items.

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You know, I forgot about that. I just unloaded a snootful of stuff on Audiogon. Their tools make it all very easy, which isn’t as true over at CA, but for some stuff, lack of fees goes a long way. And the geek factor is good to remember.


I almost forgot. Mine’s collecting dust somewhere in my storeroom… I really should sell it off to someone with a better imagination than I :wink:

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I’m probably going to keep the one in my headphone rack. It works and serves a purpose as a tiny switch for the several components in the rack with a network connection. The one in my speaker system though is destined for the outbounr train. I don’t need it for any component other than the Upsampler, so I can replace it with the much cooler running GigaFoil (which also runs on a 5V/1A USB connection) that never fails. The ER routinely locks up and requires a power cycle. Maybe I am overclocking it. :wink:

Maybe it just needs a lower gravitation field :rofl:

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