Any setup advice for someone new to DCS?

In the next week or two I hope to take delivery of a Bartok which is the model without the headphone amplifier and I’ll be using in an otherwise all Naim system

I’ve been playing around with hifi for a little over 35 years but for the last 25 or so my systems have always been built around, or more often than, not exclusively Naim so I’m familiar with their little foibles such as cabling requirements and their ability to give their best when placed on suitable stands but are there any particular requirements or tweaks that make DCS perform at their best?

Are there any other pearls of wisdom that users have found allow the Bartok to shine? I know part of the fun with hifi is the experimenting but if anyone is able to help me avoid any blind alleys I’d be really grateful

Great forum, by the way, look forward to learning a lot more from it

My advice: enjoy the new sound and let it break in. Don’t change anything until you start to know and appreciate it. Then you can start thinking of some improvement.


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Hi Chris,

Welcome to the dCS community, and congrats with your new Bartók.

For starters, get familiar with these:

User Manual:ók-DAC-

Menu Guide:ók-DAC

Once up and running, and broken in, we are here if you need more wisdom :smile:

Thanks, sounds like a good approach and I’m looking forward to seeing what its capable of

Thanks, that’s useful and I’ll give it a look over ahead of the Bartok arriving