Any experiences with Ayre AX-5 Integrated and dCS DACs

Have an Ayre AX-5 coming next week and was curious if any one is using a dCS DSC with this integrated. Good synergy, thoughts, comments?

I wouldn’t say that Ayre and dCS are often paired together, but that has more to do with dealer line cards and distribution than anything. I’ve heard the pairing in a number of systems and the result was outstanding. Highly recommended!

I use dCS NB connected to Ayre QX-5/20 connected to Ayre AX-5/20. It bested any other combination I tried with the AX-5. One component such as Bartok would easily substitute NB and QX-5 for an excellent final result though. If You have a chance give it a try.

Thanks @Andew and @Vule for the updates!