Affordable CD transport

I just came across this new Schiit CD transport, offering a real StreamUnlimited metal tray-loading Redbook CD mechanism and AES output. It seems an affordable option for someone who just occassionally spins CDs:


Erno, I guess they have USB output as well, guess that’ll be uniqe…

For the record and possibly of more interest to dCS owners there are also coax and AES outputs.

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This transport has more unique features, not only USB output, but also:

CD Transport
Formats Supported: Redbook CD only
Gapless Playback: Yes


Two (2) Unison USB™ Inputs

Maximum Sample Rate/Bit Depth: 192kHz, 32 bits

Switchable USB inputs: Yes


One (1) Unison USB Output

One (1) AES digital output

One (1) Coaxial SPDIF output

Maximum Sample Rate/Bit Depth on all outputs: 192kHz, 32 bits

Simultaneous USB/SPDIF output: No, choose one

CD Drive Type: StreamUnlimited real actual CD drive, tray load, metal construction

There’s gotta be a catch.

Only one: your source and your DAC will need to be UAC2. This is the worldwide standard for USB audio, and most DACs these days are UAC2 compliant. If you’re unsure, ask your DAC manufacturer if they are UAC2 compliant.

USB Hub for Your Entire System
Here’s where things get interesting: you can also connect two USB devices to the Urd. Yes, Urd has two USB inputs! Then, choose what you want to listen to—CD, USB1, or USB2—using the standard remote control. Now, you can run CDs when you feel like it, and stream when you want convenience, all with a DAC with a single USB input.

Convert USB to AES and Coax, Too
What’s more, Urd can also convert the two USB inputs into SPDIF output, for integration with DACs that don’t have a USB input. It’s a versatile centerpiece of an entire digital system. Bring your discs and your computer, choose your DAC, and you’re ready for anything.

So I can plug in my streamer and switch it in when I don’t want to run CDs?

And I can convert any USB source into SPDIF for my DACs that don’t take USB?

And I can compare my streaming services to CDs?
You’re getting it!

For dCS, the AES output is preferable. I don’t know if dCS supports UAC2 for USB input.

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UAC2 just appears to mean: USB Audio Class 2. So yes, dCS does support that.

I’ve been very happy with the Audiolab 6000cdt. Plays WELL above its price point

Thanks for sharing. I’ve eschewed cd physical media for some time but i do have a few hundred disks (mostly boxed set stuff that is just too much of a pain to rip and often difficult to find on streaming)

This product is very tempting.

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Yes, I made the same decision. Plus I wanted to play my SACDs which also posed a ripping barrier. Perhaps my purchase of a Rossini Transport may be considered a bit OT?

I rip my SACD’s on a Sony BD player with software that’s available for downloads in few places on the internet. It’s a piece of cake to do.

I am afraid that I lost any enthusiasm before the Sony BD schemes cam along . I tried the original PS3 mode but by the time I got involved although online instructions existed all of the related executable files had been taken down. There were a few other links to software but these seemed to be inconstant and highly confusing. In the end although I had got as far as hacking the PS3 so that it would accept non-standard firmware I threw in the towel on the basis that it was all a bit beyond me. I just found myself in an unfamiliar world which younger people than I may be more comfortable with.

While it has anything and everything, in dCS world if it doesn’t have a word clock input forget it.

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You are absolutely right. It has a JPL-2800 “SilverStrike” StreamUnlimited CD mechanism (same as Rossini Player) and AES output, but it might have been a killer if it also had a word clock input.