Advice for a power distributor: passive or active?

Ross is a great guy. Very helpful.

Spoke with Ross several times back in the day. He agreed the problem was DC offset and felt the only solution was to purchase a DC offset filter… He suggested a rather inexpensive one (I cannot remember the name) however some online sleuthing indicated it only worked half the time.

I remember having a conversation with my old friend Chris Koster (former Naim USA co-owner) who suggested a newish UK company who were making power distribution blocks (Puritan?) which also incorporated circuitry for DC offset . I spoke with the importer who tried to upsell me so I never pursued the issue again.

This is not an uncommon problem as just about everything in your house can inject DC offset into the line. .

PS brought my smaller Torus over to my brother’s house - no buzz. He is lucky.

Probably not of much interest but I had a DC offset hum with my Karan KAS 600 amp and it was addressed with a Vertex AQ Aneto device, which is specifically designed for that purpose.

Vertex AQ became Quiescent and no longer make the Aneto, but it does occasionally come up second hand.

My latest Karan amp (POWERa) has power conditioning, including DC Offset treatment, built in (but defeatable via a switch on the back) so it’s no longer an issue for me.

Cheers, Mike.

I have had a dialogue with the guy who owns the company and have to say that he was very impressive and very helpful. Good reviews over here too. Unfortunately my limitations of space prevented me from going further but I have noted over the past month or so that he has been taken on by a couple of good dealers here in the UK.

I completely understand your point about the importer trying to upsell you but the product itself did strike me as a sensible contender.

Do you plug your Vivaldi in the wall or use filters of some sort? Does anyone use true parallel filters? Thanks.

I guess that is addressed to me.

I suspect that the right conditioner/distributor may benefit something. I have tried items many years ago but that was with systems now long past. However at that time I found that what I tried had what became almost predictable. My first reaction being highly positive but as I got used to the conditioner(s) I found colourations; bass and low treble ( ringing?) giving an initial illusion of better bass and detail. So all I can conclude is not that conditioners do not work but that what I tried were not the right ones for me.

Nowadays my system is physically large and uses all of the floor space I have available so adding anything is not practical.

My wall power supply is dedicated to the audio system from its own consumer unit and provides four spurs, one for digital components, two for low level components and one for high level components such as the 350 watts/channel ( total) power amps. It is wired with 2.5 mm three core to reduce impedance.Whatever, it does sound good :slight_smile: .

Many years ago I did try an early parallel filter but found it to offer no improvement or degrade rather than improve the sound. However that was then and modern products may be better.

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Thanks Peter. I also have a dedicated power line for my audio system with a Doepke circuit breaker on top of it. The line is wired with a 4.0 mm wire in order to reduce impedance.

I’m now waiting to receive a Plixir Elite BAC 3000 balanced power preconditioner, which will sit on top of the chain and serve as a foundation for the entire system.

My doubt resides on the fact that all my Vivaldi stack as well as the preamp is currently plugged into a Transparent Audio Reference Isolator, which I’m sure contains some type of filter. Wondering :thought_balloon: f that reduces dynamics somehow. Will need to try alternatives.

I just checked ( years since the installation) and my wiring is 4mm too .

Looking forward to hearing how you get on but unfortunately I doubt that I will be able to follow the same path.

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