Adele Innuos and Mosaic

Adele won’t be pleased because Innuos and Mosaic won’t play an album in the order that the artist wanted. Tracks are played in alphabetical order. Oh well life’s too short to worry about that - or Adele for that matter!

Thanks John. Way back we had an exchange about Mosaic , Innuos and display problems. Did you ever try to install MinimServer on your Innuos or was it not possible? I would be grateful for your answer as this is an issue that continues to arise from time to time.

Innuos uses Asset UPnP as their UPnP Server; they mention this in the release 1.4.6 notes back in Feb’20.

This release upgrades the base innuOS libraries in preparation for innuOS 2.0. It also upgrades the internal music library (LMS) and UPnP ( AssetUPnP ) to latest releases as well as bug fixes and general performance improvements.

That being the case, unless Innuos updates that Asset UPnP server to release 7.1 or newer (which is properly compatible with Mosaic Control), it’s going to have problems working properly I suspect.

@johnandvirginia, I recommend you write to Innuos support and ask them what version Asset UPnP their latest InnuOS 1.4.9 uses, and/or how to updated that Asset UPnP Server to 7.1 or newer (the latest version is 7.3).

I highly doubt Innuos will support the installation of MinimServer on their platform/OS :wink:

If you go back a generation of Innuos servers MinimServer was an officially recommended option by Innous as ( according to Simon Nash of MinimServer) Innuos felt it offered better compatibility with classical music collections than what Innuos offered themselves at the time. I even recall that Innuos Zenith mk.2 ( I think) had a menu option to install MinimServer - a bit like Melco did/do before they decided that MinimServer2 should be the default.

Of course Innuos have come on since those days so the current position is not known which I why I have asked John what his experience has been.

I remember “side loading” MinimServer onto my Melco (with an external USB Flash). Wasn’t pretty :grin:

Innuos seems to have tightly integrated Asset UPnP into the platform OS, and I haven’t seen anyone mentioning the ability to install any other 3rd party software onto it.

Many thanks for your reply Pete - very impressed with your memory!
I have not been able to load Minimserver onto my Innuos and can’t seem to find any help on the Innuos website. I should be most grateful for help if there are any Innuos owners out there.

I just approached the issue the other way round i.e. instead of questioning if Innuos will load MinimServer, does MinimServer have an option relating to Innuos?

MinimServer seem to produce a customised version for most of the commonly found NAS servers and for some NAS/streamer devices such as Melco. But there is no version for Innuos which I guess answers the question. The last references i can find where MinimServer was an option for Innuos appears to relate to the Innuos range from about 4-5 years ago.

Maybe therefore explore the angle suggested by Anup relating to Asset and email Innuos to ask whether the version they have installed currently is v. 7.1 or above ( in 2020 it was 7.0) and/or if your device can be upgraded to it ( these versions of Asset is reported also to work perfectly with dCS although it isn’t an “official” dCS recommendation).

Serendipity!! I thought before I do anything else I should upgrade to the most recent 2.0 software.
Having done that I now find that my albums stored on the Innuos are all played in the correct order!
Previously I had to use USB + iPeng to play albums in the correct order. Now with the brilliant new Innuos Sense app, which looks a lot like Roon, I can use USB into Bartok without using iPeng or I can use Mosaic and choose Innuos as my player. Yipee!!
Evidently in time I will be able to use Innuos Sense into the network input of the Bartok.
Thanks again Pete.