Adding tracks weirdness

I am having a strange problem adding a new purchase to UPnP in Mosaic.

I purchased a download of the new Academia Byzantina recording of the double CD equivalent of Corelli Op.6 Concerti Grossi. Fabulous recording but that’s for another time . Right now my problem is that I can see all of the tracks listed in the download. I can also see all of the tracks in the copy transferred to my NAS. MinimServer in the NAS has been rescanned. However Mosaic has everything except tracks 6-11inclusive ( Concerto 8) of CD 2 ( separate folder from Qobuz) which are missing even though they can be seen on PC and NAS using Network Explorer and can even be played when using Win 11 on the PC.

I have tried twice with the same negative result.

Any ideas?

Indeed a very fine recording. As are their recordings of Handel’s opus 3 and 6. Although that doesn’t help you much with your current dilemma.

Pete, I recall MinimServer has some weirdness when it comes to multi-disc albums. You might want to look into that if you haven’t already.

Thanks @Anupc . However I don’t recall any problem with MinimServer about multi discs. I have been using it for many years and nearly 1.5K discs amongst which are many multi disc sets. However I do recall many reported issues concerning Roon and multi disc issues. This has been a perennial problem since its earliest days and though I haven’t looked recently was a common issue on their forum. Perhaps you may be confusing the two?

I am going to report this on the MinimServer forum and see if I get a response. I can only guess that the Qobuz download for these tracks has some parameter in error that allows then to be written to NAS but not be picked up in a rescan. My thought was that perhaps they are empty files but I can play from them using Win11.

Thanks @Urbanluthier . I will check those Handel works.

About seven years ago when I was importing files to be used with Roon I discovered that a few albums were split into two. One album might have two tracks with the remaining tracks showing up as a different album. It appears that the when I had previously edited those albums to show the proper album cover or some other data, the edit was not assigned to every track. Thus the import wasn’t handled properly. It been a long time so I may have forgotten all of the details.

Thanks Jim. I have now posted my query with the MinimServer forum and received a reply also along your lines of erroneous data details. The correspondent had found another download from Qobuz where the file extension had been entered as .fla instead of .flac. This sort of error sounds feasible to me. It may not originate with Qobuz but with the record label as Qobuz simply copies what they are supplied with. This possibility gains credence as the label released some of the concerti as ( vinyl equivalent) EPs so each concerto may have been processed at different times and maybe by different hands.

Anyway this all gives me grounds to assume an error at their end. I’ll let you all know when I get a response from Qobuz.

Hi Pete,

OK … so the issue here PROBABLY is that Mosaic is querying the UPnP server which is building its information from the file tags whereas Windows Explorer is going to the NAS via SMB and is looking at the files and folders.

I reckon it would be worth checking that the file tagging is consistent across all the files … happy to take a look at the tagging for you if you want?

It is quite possible that MinimServer HAS indexed them … but the tagging data that it has indexed them with puts those tracks somewhere else in the lists where you’re not expecting them to be…

One little tool that I used to use in this case would be to put the new files somewhere else away from the rest of your collection and just index that location with the UPnP server then it’s easy to check that it’s found the right number of files and they’re sensibly catalogued.

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Thanks Phil. I have a new computer and as yet do not have an ID3 editor so I can’t see the full tagging . You suggest that you would :

I am not sure how but I would be grateful though I have now registered this as a faulty download with Qobuz. I note your fix of putting the missing tracks elsewhere but this would mean that this cycle of related concerti could no longer play in order.That is also not going to fix any error in the file description. If the fault is of this nature then I would expect them too to be invisible to Mosaic.

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Hi Pete,

Well if you want to zip up the files into an archive and get them to me by something like WeTransfer I can take a look?

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Thanks Phil. However I looked at WeTransfer and it comes across as a professional tool for the distribution of sounds and images. Lots of sales information about adding pricing! Probably beyond my pay grade. It’s about time I bought dbpoweramp for this new computer as I have a few rips to make and it will allow me to look at the full metadata.

In the meantime let’s await what Qpobuz have to say.

Nahhhhhhh … WeTransfer is free for occasional use of files up to 2GB…

…and if you want a decent tag editor then try MP3Tag. It’s what I use.

No, I haven’t actually had any problems with Roon’s multi-disc support, as long as the discs are properly tagged, and in Roon’s recommended naming/folder structure, it works fine.

Hopefully your current issue is associated with mis-tagging from Qobuz :crossed_fingers:t3:


Hi Pete
The tracks 6 through 11 are only partly tagged. It’s true that mp3tag is very convenient. It’s the one I use for adding corrections

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Thanks. I am not getting much from Qobuz who have changed their contact format. All that they have done is treat it as a download problem and given me what is obviously a pre-set script. The idea of incorrect data does not enter it. I am very pissed off being a long time subscriber.

I have downloaded MP3 which I have found to be difficult to use ( I am a septuagenarian and, coming from an age before home computers have limited knowledge. My limited vision does not help :frowning_face:).

EDIT: Since the above I wrote to Qobuz advising of the tagging issue. They are asking for a redelivery of the recordings to them from the label. This may take a few weeks so fingers crossed.

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The files of the cds and/or downloads are not very checked from a tag point of view. There are the same problems with the covers if you want to match them with the country in which the cd and/or download has been sold. An advice with MP3tag, don’t forget to save often. A true Benedictin work.

I downloaded an album from Qobuz in September using the Qobuz downloader App and downloaded to both my computer backup hard drive and automatically to my Melco N1-S38. The downloaded tracks did not appear on the backup drive. However my Melco M1-S38 is set up to download purchased tracks automatically and they appeared fine on the music server, albeit some time later. In the meantime I had filled in a contact form on the Qobuz download site to report what I thought was a problem. Someone from Qobuz responded very quickly saying they were having problems with the Downloader App and they were able to replicate my issue, despite them being able to access the tracks individually on the site itself. They kindly offered me a free replacement (different) album even though I explained I did have a copy of the problem one downloaded direct via the Melco. My issue was different to yours Pete but I would happily PM you the email of the person that dealt with my problem if you think that would help.

Thanks for your kind offer . As per the edit to my posting above the relationship with Qobuz is now encouraging ( and very friendly) and it looks like what I was expecting earlier is now underway - this is an error by the record company which requires a replacement to Qobuz whereupon I can download a fresh copy.

So all is currently looking good for a couple of week’s time.

Ill add that I have now installed MP3 tag. Thanks @Phil . This reveals that all of the album is correctly tagged except the Op 6.8 tracks in question for which all tagging data has been omitted. Methinks that is the reason .

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