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Roon community shows recent topics on the overview page, so I can see recent additions at a glance. With dCS community I need to go into each topic to see if there is something new (that was not a reply to a topic I have subscribed to).

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Hi Rudolf

On the Roon page, do you mean the “New” in the header line that appears to the right of “Categories” & “Latest”?

If so then as well as “New” perhaps “Unread” could also be added to the dCS page.


Hi @reeve_mike
See screenshot below. I mean the blue list of topics on the right.

dCS community seems to use the same board software as Roon. The blue list probably is a standard feature of the software.

There is a better site feature to accomplish what you want.

Click the “Latest” button and you’ll be shown the topic list from all categories sorted in the order of most recent activity. This list will be presented with a divider which allows you to see what’s changed since the last time you were on the site.

In addition, if there are new topics available then there will be a “New” button which will only show those topics. If there are topics which you have previously participated in there may also be an “Unread” button which will show you any of those topics with new post activity

If you want any of these as your default view then you can enable that by

  1. Tap on your user avatar in the upper right corner of the screen
  2. Tap the gear icon to open your user preferences
  3. Select “Interface” from the list on the left side of the screen
  4. Make your selection in the “Default Home Page” dropdown list

From that point on any visit to the site URL will take you to that page.

I use the “Latest” view as my default as it shows me everything that has changed since my last visit.

Brilliant, Thanks a lot @Andrew
Changed my default view to latest as well

@Andrew THANKS! I just learned something new about the board software - Embarrassingly I had never noticed that “New” & “Unread” came & went dynamically in the way that you describe above - I guess it’s because I also have “Latest” as my default view and only look at the latest postings and didn’t pay any attention to the header row until @jacobacci posted …