4v output request

Looking to see if adding a 4 volt output option to your DACs is feasible. I find that the 2v is a little on the low side, and 6v seemingly is a little on the high side (relative to other sources).
If I recall correctly, the nominal voltage output for single ended RCA is 2V while the balanced XLR is 4v. I don’t understand where the 6v option comes from.
Thanks for any insight on this.

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Hi Geoff,

The 2V output is there to be compatible with a standard line level input on an integrated or pre amplifier as that is what most line level inputs are for sensitivity.

The 6V is there as most power amps do have a higher input level requirement than just “line” level.

If you are finding that 6V is a little too “hot” and 2V is a little too low then run 6V output and knock the volume back 3 or 4db until you have a level match?

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Thanks Phil, I’ll try that out. I did forget to mention that I am running the unit with balanced interconnects. Doesn’t the unit I’m running it into expect to see 4v on XLR inputs?

Hi Geoff,

Are you sure you’re not getting things a bit muddled with the “standards” of +4dBu of pro audio gear and -10dBv of consumer / prosumer gear?

Basically there is always quite a bit of variation in the input sensitivities of both balanced and unbalanced inputs which is why we give the selectable output levels to allow appropriate gain matching.