Suggestion for future version of Mosaic

Well said. I have been quite active in this area and also have control point apps such as Audirvana+ and Pure Music, running off a Mac mini. I retired this combo upon acquiring the Aurender. I am keen to have a go at using Roon. Interestingly, the dealer here for dCS also carry the hardware for Roon.

I am sure that it will be if there is no other issue that you have. Many if us can suggest single issue improvements or preferences that could be made to Mosaic but basically it works as it should.

In the meantime I have been trying to find alternatives for you to using Voice Over as I was particularly shocked at the poor results that I experienced using it. My experience using it as a “layer” over Mosaic yesterday seemed to echo much of what you have been posting about.

iOS does have an alternative text to speech option. Whether not this may suit you better ( or even at all) I cannot say but here is a link to how to use it. The link is for an i-phone but the same facility exists for i-pads too:

Unfortunately, these IOS functions described by you are completely insufficient for a blind person. They can help you read longer text or say letters as you type. This is completely not useful when you need to find the button on the screen: previous, play-pause, or Quee etc. Voice Over does quite well with the Mosaic App, but the difficulty is that most buttons and graphics are unlabelled.
I think the difficulties of the Mosaic App are Voice Over relatet because nobody reports similar ones. I hope that as Andrew wrote in future versions of Mosaic, accessibility will improve.
Regards Robert

Thanks, I was aware of option to expand album art. Bubble has a playing now screen that shows album art on one side at about 3 inch square on tablet and track information on the other side - you need to swipe to see playlist of all tracks. Mosaic has a single screen showing art and tracks with little space devoted to former. I prefer Bubble and realise Mosaic is not going to change in this regard. However, I think that a larger album image could be squeezed in with little difficulty. One inch square art on an 11 inch screen is less than perfect.

How about the addition of a ‘+’ and ‘-’ button for volume control? The current slider is impossible to increment in less than 3 dBs, which isn’t granular enough, especially for those of us using the Rossini as a pre-amp.

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I agree. It’s very difficult to use the current slider and I prefer to use remote control for volume control.