Soundstage clocking

Hi There,

I have a Bartok and am super happy with it, I would say it outperforms my record player which I wasn’t expecting. The Bartok is at DCS away being repaired and the trusty old REGA RP6/Ortoton Blue and Graham Slee with upgraded PSU have been temporarily promoted.

Now I’ve had the chance to reacquaint, the record player is really good at is soundstage, not sure if it’s better than the Bartok in this area but it’s very good indeed and has got me thinking :shushing_face:

I appreciate the Rossini is superior to the Bartok in all ways, I’ve heard it and it definitely runs at higher resolution, whilst that would be the logical progression the clock is another. Assuming the clock is what makes the soundstage more convincing as it executes the timing and assuming a separate Rossini Clock is superior to the Rossini Dac’s own clock, would a Bartok/Clock combo give a better 3d sound stage than a standalone Rossini? I’m not as fussed about the higer resolution that could be achieved from the upgraded dac path as the Bartok more than fulfills, I would like a better soundstage and wondered what the best route would be?

On a side note, the system has no aftermarket Isolation under Dac Amp or Speakers, I understand this would also offer a modest soundstage gain.

I think most of your questions have been answered here:

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