Showing (off) your dCS setup - description and photos

Yes it is. Mac mini 2012, i7, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD (system, software, and Roon db), and 3TB FW800 hard drive with music. Power is via an Uptone JS-2 linear power supply. The mini is running macOS Mojave and Roon core, and I stream to the Rossini over RAAT.



I’m really happy with the DeBussy’s performance, and I think it integrates well with the Puccini set…a Bartok would be nice, but I’ll stand pat for now. Unless a smokin hot deal falls in my lap…



My office setup: Roon Nucleus > dCS Bartok > SPL s800 amplifier > Raal Interface Box > Raal Requisite SR1a “earfield monitors”. Bliss!


The SR1a is a superb transducer. I love mine. The S800 is an interesting amp choice. Do you like it?

Yes, I like the s800 but it is a bit overpowered for the SR1a interface box and transducers (185 watts per channel), so I have to be careful not to add too much gain.

Raal has come out with a purpose-designed amplifier for the SR1a’s, the HSA-1b, which I hope to audition In the near future. It doesn’t require an interface box.

I know this thread reveals a not unwarranted bias against the “altar-in-the-middle” approach, let alone—heaven forbid!–a giant hard surface screen. But when you have the kind of room correction capability that Legacy does, you worry less about such things. With the Valors, I am hearing things in ordinary 16/44 recordings I had not heard before.

Roon Nucleus+
Vivaldi Upsampler
Vivaldi DAC
Vivaldi Clock
Cybershaft OP21A
Townshend Allegri Reference Pre
Legacy/Bohmer Wavelet
Merrill Audio Element 116 Monoblocks
Legacy Audio Valor Speakers
Torus AVR2-20 Power Conditioner


Yeah, I have the amp. I much prefer it to using the buffer box.


My apartment in London

Rossini / pass xa30.8 / sabrinas


My modest system

2 dedicated radial mains feeds, one 6mm to a single plug, the other 10mm to a 6 way multi, mounted flush in the wall.
Rossini and clock, using Wyde Eyde cables, and my own mains cables.
Melco n1zs/2, again with my own mains cable.
Rega P10 and apheta 3 cartridge.
Rega aura phono stage, using standard cables that come with it.
Naim 552dr
Naim 500dr
Naim powerline mains cables, 500 plugged into single socket on 6mm.
Violectic V281 headphone amp, running direct from balanced outputs from rossini, once again using my own mains cable.
Interconnects are witchhat morgana, and between 500 and power supply.
PMC fact 12’s speakers on giai 111 isolation feet.
Witchhat phantom speaker cable.
Naim fraim.
Audioquest diamond ethernet cable from melco to rossini.
Catsnake 6 ethernet cable for the rest
Cisco switch, but want to swap to EtherRegen (next upgrade)
Isoacoustic feet under, rossini, clock, melco and rega power supply.
Think thats it


Very nice @Dunc , and not so modest :smile:

Cheers, i am very happy with it, its certainly the best sounding gear i have ever had.
Next gor me is going yo be some room treatment, but thats not going to be easy with the wife, so looking at some panels that i can place and then remove when not being used would be great, probably looking at something to go behind speakers and first reflection point