Roon nucleus upsampling

Hi VGAustin,
many thanks for this hint- but I have drop-outs even with the internal SSD direct attached USB to dCS- so no switch/network is involved in that specific set-up. That playing music from internal storage causes this is really strange…

Aha! Sorry, I should have realized that! My bad, the issue bothered me so much I pushed that solution but missed out on your situation with the direct USB attached. Apologies and I wish you luck on finding a solution, it is a bummer!

Many thanks VGAustin- no problem! This forum is fantastic, I really want to thank you all for your support!

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Ok, as promised:-) here’s the roon feedback:
That is strange, the buffer is at 100% when the dropout occurs, I’m thinking this error could be DAC-specific.
What happens if they try to upsample the stream to another rate, 192 or 352.8 or DSD, does the issue still occur?
Are they using the latest firmware on the dCS? If they try to upsample TIDAL/Qobuz content, does that work? "

I tested this and - indeed- only with the PCM Max setting “on” I got drop-outs. Everything else works. So I set roon now to 352.8 or DSD without any problems:-)

Thanks folks!

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Glad that it’s somewhat solved without replacing the Nucleus :grin:

Very strange though. When I tested my Bartok it was with “Max PCM rate” and there was no problem. Curious why it’s a problem on the Rossini (maybe I should try on my Vivaldi Upsampler as well and see what happens. :thinking:)

ps: Roon Upsampling works just fine with the Vivaldi Upsampler :grin:

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Ouch- thanks Anup, but the “V” thing is out of my reach :slight_smile:

Roon Nucleus HW crashed, goes back to dealer now…seems there is a problem with internal storage they say…

Just curious, and not trying to be rude (I also own a Nucleus, and am a fan)…

Why do you seek to upsample with Roon/Nucleus instead of letting the $25k+ Rossini do it?

Do you expect the upsampling by Roon to yield a superior result?

hi keiserrg,
I just wanted to find out how it sounds. But now it doesn’t work anyway- it seems that the internal flash/ssd of roon is buggy .

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I was going to mention this before; the Samsung SSDs are notorious for occasionally “freezing”. Just Google “Samsung SSD random freeze” :persevere:

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A perfectly good reason! ; )

@Anupc : I have a 4GB internal Samsung SSD and haven’t had any issues, yet. May this situation persist! Do you recommend s different brand?

Did you mean 4TB? If its been working well for a while, I’d say don’t touch it, just have a good backup strategy :slight_smile:

Recommendations wise, I’ve had really good reliability experiences with Kingston SSDs, they’re probably #1 in reliability and performance. Among NVMe M.2 drives, Western Digital Blacks seem pretty good too. On the other hand, I haven’t had too much luck with Crucial. The rest are probably a wash.

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Yes. TB of course. Too much work. Not enough listening to music… ; )

For those of you who are interested I have configured an AMD Ryzen 5600g in a Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro Ax with 16GB DDR4 RAM (probably could have used a single 8GB stick; (cant get 4GB sticks?), 256GB M.2 (future proofing?), and 10TB N300 Toshiba NAS drive (super silent and very cool). The case is a streacom fanless FC5. Currently running Roon Rock 192khz/24bit/2Ch DSD256 upsample and it runs cool - not too hot. Legacy option in the BIOS was not an issue but I have to use a USB to ethernet adapter since Rock does not recognise the Realtek RTL8125B NIC. Still early days but my experiences with Daphile and HQPlayer showed the AMD Ryzen CPUs to sound more ‘analog’ than the Intel ‘digital’.

FYI, the Roon “processing speed” dropped from 5.9x in DSD256 to 3.1x in DSD512.

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Turn off volume levelling. It is the work of the devil :grinning: