Network Bridge + Debussy

Joe, just tap the F in a blue circle next to FBCello’s name and you will open his profile where you will see a blue “Message” rectangle. Open that and you can send him a private message which he can read here on the forum ( but only visible to him) or via the email copy that will be sent to his inbox.


If you are still looking for a NB, I sell mine. I just bought a Vivaldi Upsampler.

It is in perfect condition, it works great, it is a silver NB.

Let me know.


Thanks I will call them
The website in dutch is a bit difficult to read… :blush:

Thanks But I would like to get one from Europe to ship within Europe

That would be very interesting

Hello, i’ve listened to a couple of tracks … There is definitely a difference, with bnc I liked the sound more. I am not an expert in describing sounds, the main thing it’s more detail.

I am selling my black Network Bridge - new April 2021 - UK based.


Mine is grey if you are still looking for a NB. Shipping from Belgium.

Mine is sold and shipped to a happy new owner - the NB is a great streaming device.

Mosaic could do with updates to include FLAC radio streams; it is a nice stable platform though.

Hola Iván… también tengo un Debussy y estoy evaluando comprar un bridge dcs. Se justifica o es mejor directamente cambiar el dac?

Hi joe…do you still have the NB for sale?