Do better ethernet cables matter?

Hi Lee, the internet switch gave me much better SQ improvement than the Ethernet cable.

I use the Nordost Qnet with the Qsource and it’s a must have. My cables are the Nordost blue heaven from the wall to the router and then the red down from the router to the switch and then to the Bartók Apex.

But not that all my loom of cables are the SRX with the Galileo SX power cell from Synergetic I will test the top of the range Ethernet cables to ear the diference.

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I believe the switch in my system made a bigger difference as well but you really need both.


Q:Do better ethernet cables matter?

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I wonder if the Pro audio industry (the ones that make the recordings we listen to) obsess over internet cables in their Ravenna or Dante based systems?

Sound on Sound covered Ethernet for Audio back in 2017 with an excellent comprehensive history of Ethernet’s use in Professional Audio systems. It was linked here on dCS a couple of times before, well worth a read if you haven’t see it before.

They don’t call Ethernet cabling specifically, but I think it’s generally quite well accepted that there’s zero chance of any data integrity issues, and the only possible factor is noise, which is quite easily mitigated with solutions costing $100s of dollars instead of the thousands or 10s-of-thousands being aggressively promoted by specialist consumer Audiophile Ethernet Cable, Switch, and Server vendors.