Bartók's best connection to a Naim NAC 282 Preamp

Thanks Gregg…I did look at those. Is the £800 Signature their lower range? :thinking: :smile: :smiley:

Well Chord themselves say that the Signature interconnect is suitable to be combined with " any mid-price player" ( my emphasis). And it is lower priced than their two superior grades; Sarum and Chordmusic.

I did once try some of the Sarum digital cables for wordclock duties. Very good indeed, but as the 4 box dCS stack requires 5 wordclock cables that worked out to £6k then. The price has increased from £1200 minimum supplied length to £2100 during the intervening 3 years ( !) so £10.5K now. Almost the cost of the Vivaldi clock itself. Then I guess one would want the matching cables for the other connections.

I think it prudent to maintain my general scepticism over some of the prices sought in the high end cable market.


Get yourself some Witcham morgana rca to din thats what I use for my rossini to 552, with great results.
I then use the xlr to run direct to my headphone amp

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Thanks Duncan :+1:

Some what? Do you have a link , Google doesn’t seem to know it?

Witch hat - ex Naim engineers who formed a new cable company


Ah Witch Hat! I wonder if they are ageing Incredible String Band fans?

Yes, found it. Out of stock :neutral_face:.

Sorry guys, at work, phone, predicted text etc, lol.
But the morgana cables are great sounding, great value and build quality.
They build them to order really and you just missed out on a discount, but you can always ask