Bartok with Rossini or Vivaldi clock?

Good stuff. At the risk of sounding like a trite, tired audiophile reviewer, better clocking is transformative. It’s like the difference between looking at the world through a lower deck porthole and up on the open air top deck.


That doesn’t surprise me at all; I think proper clocking makes a bigger difference in at least some parameters than does the difference between the Rossini and Bartok without the (in my case Rossini) clock.

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Interestingly, when I used EtherRegen with an external clock, I heard about the same effect. Although from the technical point of view, this should not be the case, since the streamer in Bartok resynchronizes all incoming data packets.

How do you live now after listening to Bartok with Vivaldi clock? In one review, they wrote that it would be difficult to live if you heard Rossini dac with a watch and then did not buy it.

3 months ago I buy a Rossini dac. Great sound (now my chord TT2 and Mscaler, after not working for 3 months, stand and are covered with dust). There is no turning back after Rossini. Now the question is haunted: Rossini clock or Vivaldi?

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I find this a very convincing argument:

Rossini Clock = £ 7,999
Vivaldi Clock = £13,999

( UK prices inc. VAT)

The reaction is instant. Like in boxing. Pleasantly. I’m more interested in sound. Is the difference in price worth it?

Ultimately only you can say.

Rossini, as a product range, is likely to have some more years to run before it is replaced. Vivaldi’s replacement has been imminently anticipated over the past year or so ( the product was announced way back in 2012 and was on sale from 2013). I suspect that it may already have occurred were it not for the pandemic and the removal of many launch opportunities ( Munich High End, RMAF etc). You may want to consider over how long for you personally that additional £6K ( or equivalent local price) would need to be amortised in performance terms as well as in purely financial ones.

My normal advice would be to buy the Vivaldi clock ONLY if using it with Rossini is a temporary measure until a Vivaldi DAC is purchased. Otherwise, sound benefit aside, it strikes me somewhat as putting the cart before the horse.


Thanks for the controversy. It seems to me that it does not matter where the horse is, it is important that it pushes the cart. Perhaps this is not rational. Yes, I admit it, but if I ever buy Vivaldi, I don’t know. Life events are unpredictable. With Vivaldi, there is another step of improvement - Reference clock, the cost of which is much less than Vivaldi dac. As I understand it is also the next step to improve the sound in my system. I would like to someday dwell on my research. Although I understand that it is very difficult to stop. All this is like in a parable: a traveler walks along the road and comes to a road near which there is a stone. It is written on the stone: if you go to the right you will get a bashing, if you go straight you will get a bashing, if you go to the right you will get a bashing. The traveler pondered, and then a voice from heaven: - Think quickly, otherwise you will get a beating now.

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All of us who own the DСS are like a traveler, and bashing is money spent.

Just wait a year or so and Vivaldi clocks will be dumped onto the market by the 1000’s.