Bartok with Mutec MC3+ clock

Thank you Phil. One of the questions I have been seeking the answer to is using Classic components with modern ones - dCS. In an all classic system like mine there is no problem with the Mutec clocking. Because imho the classic system sends 44.1 and 48 kHz clock signals via one cable things are fine. The new dCS products use two separate clock routes - one for each of 44.1 and 48 (I believe and could be wrong here) hence the problems you have with the setup. Have you tried just using the Mutec as the master clock source to feed the Bridge as you feed the Purcell and the Delius? In my system I do this when playing back CDs/SACDs from my Verdi transport. I switch the Mutec to reclocking mode when playing back downloads from my Naim Unit Core and that works fine too.

“Have you tried just using the Mutec as the master clock source to feed the Bridge as you feed the Purcell and the Delius?“ - Yes, when I try this either the Bridge says no word lock or the Delius wont lock to the clock.

I’m looking to upgrade to a Bartok, Rossini or possibly a Vivaldi soon, but am not sure I will be able to use the Mutec.

I understand that although current dCS equipment has 2 clock inputs, each is not dedicated to a particular frequency. As long as the source clock can provide the correct frequency, the dCS doesn’t care which physical input it appears on, so far so good.

However I don’t believe that the Bartok, Rossini and Vivaldi have a digital output that could feed the Mutec reclock input, which will therefore not be able to switch its clock output automatically to the music source sample rate.

One solution would be to get a second Mutec, with each running a fixed clock output to the discrete dCS clock input.


If you can afford to upgrade to any of the modern dCS DACs then u can probably afford at least a Rossini clock.

I just received mine to pair with my Bartok. Another great improvement for my setup.


Ditto. Rossini clock with Bartók! Another leap in performance. Some say why not leap to Rossini DAC Stand-alone… leave this argument for another day

Since ripped all my SACD into DSF, finally plucked the courage to sell my Puccini am U-Clock 2weeks ago and use the money (left with surplus!) for the Rossini clock

The Mutec output when re-clocking comes via the AES or SPDIF output. So this connected to one of Bartok’s AES or SPDIF inputs will use the embedded re-clocked signal.

Sorry Jonathan but a lot of us can only aspire to the bottom rung of the ladder due to our finances. I get excellent sound from my Classic stack + Mutec. Bartok was my last possible major upgrade but its connectivity issues seem to thwart that.

However reclocking is not what the dCS masterclocks do and the Mutec clock in this mode therefore does not appear to be a substitute for one, at least at first sight.

As I understand it “reclocking” refers to a process where the timing data from the source is modified by a device ( in this case the Mutec) before being sent for conversion by a DAC. A master clock, on the other hand, provides a reference clock for the conversion itself. Does the Mutec simultaneously also provide a wordclock signal to the DAC via BNC connection?

The data timing from the source and that of the conversion process should be synchronised. This requires use of the same clock source for both ( hence my question above). When you look at the user manual for a dCS clock you will see written in red for emphasis in The Golden Rules for Using a Master Clock “The source equipment MUST be locked to the Master Clock”.

Where is the Mutec getting the digital source to reclock? The Bartok does not have a digital output.


My understanding and what is working in my set up with - Naim Uniti Core connected to dCS classic gear is as in the attached diagram.

The Mutec is able to supply a re-clocked signal to the DAC via the SPDIF connection and the DAC can also ‘SYNC’ with the Mutec via its own BNC clock input cable. This connection sounds better than using the DAC in ‘SLAVE’ mode and disconnecting the BNC clock cable.

Ah sorry, my comment was a reply to tadders post. Let me edit that to clarify.

Thanks, that clarifies your current set up.

I am assuming that the same clock source in the Mutec is used for reclocking and the wordclock and that the auto switching for the reclocking also switches the wordclock frequency. Is that correct?

However if you did change to one of the 3rd Gen products with networking the best SQ will involve ethernet connection to the DAC/network board with the Uniti acting only as a server . The Mutec would therefore be providing wordclock only to the DAC and any other dCS devices. Unsure then about autoswitching as the Mutec would not be receiving data input.