Bartok as a preamplifier

Sweet. Thanks James.

Thank you, James.

I have a AN M3 preamp upgraded with all silver r36 OT, silver 2W tantalum resistors, BG WKZ psu caps etc and also liked more going with preamp. Better control, some spacial nuances are lost but tone is better, a bit more forward which i like, LF is shorter and more up-beat in comparison to deeper without preamp but with less control. Chamber classical music shines. Without preamp everything is more gray and boring emotionally although if you are new to audio you will like the more 3D presenation of pure DCS, but who cares about soundstage…:slight_smile:


Would it be possible to make a widget so when connecting DCS direct to compatible Power-amps you could dynamically change both DCS volume/output voltage and input voltage of the power amp, that way you could have the best of both worlds? Could connect over RS232 for example, I appreciate you would need partner amplifier companies.

I swapped my power amp for an integrated amp as I needed really low volume and occasional higher volume, it was far better to drive the volume from the mosaic app from a user point of view and whilst the preamp may add something I do miss the simplicity of the direct to power amp route that I had previously.

Please ignore if I’m talking total nonsense.

Can’t see this kind of cross-platform system automation ever happening, too many variables/vendors

Does your new integrated have a remote? I find it very usable to control volume via the preamp remote and everything else via Mosaic

You can change the output of your dCS gear, but you cannot change the input voltage of a power amp, unless it has a input gain control, to be set, not dynamical. Power amps have a input sensitivity, given by hardware ( = minimum input V for full rated output).

Indeed, I do have a remote. Using both is not quite the seamless experience that would be ideal.

It’s a shame to have a slick control like Mosaic, only to go hunting around the room for the remote, a slight problem I have noticed is that if someone turns the volume down low on the DCS and up on the amp and then switches source.


If more than one person can control the system then no auto control can satisfy both. You need to negotiate.

The ability to lock the volume at 100% on the dial and in Mosaic would be a useful feature.

Yes. Except that it wouldn’t be " a useful feature" for the other person that wants to control volume remotely. Any lock has to have an unlock feature so any practical result would be debatable.

Having 2 volume controls that both work is a messy solution, would be better to be able to disengage the DCS volume to protect the system. Very confusing if you come to use the equipment and you aren’t the main user.

Adding a preamp makes a very elegant solution a little clunky from an experiential point of view.

John Atkinson seems to be a fan of preamps:

But doesn’t use one it seems. :face_with_monocle:

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Thanks for the link. I remember reading that. Insert what @James wrote before about the addition of an analog preamp after the DAC here.

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