Anyone interested in a dCS preamp/ headphone amp?

This would require an entirely new range of Rossini, Vivaldi and future products. At least an extra transformer and headphone amp board inside the (or a) case, and the extra sockets, and output selector button, in the (a) front fascia. So this would not be available to current owners of these ranges.

Hence the idea I got (and others) for a standalone headphone amp, which, if there anyway is another box, could relatively easily be a preamp as well.

And then, with anyway another box, why not think/ dream about what it could contain more?

If you don’t want or need it: no problem. But if you do want a headphone amp into your Rossini or Vivaldi: they cannot retrofit it in.

The required extra transformer and the headphone amp board, with Expanse, already exist. Just a new extra case to put it in, no doubt some extra things I do not know about, and an extra opportunity to expand its capabilities, and there it is.

Yep, understood. A basic re-fit of what’s already there isn’t likely! Good thing that living with a Bartok is hardly hell, eh?

If you (@Ermos) were in charge of features for the Praetorius, I bet it’d be something that I’d love in an edited version of my current system. I’d swap the Bartok for a Rossini or Vivaldi, swap the Allegri Reference for the Praetorius and be a very happy chappie. I would almost certainly buy one.

I guess what I’m saying is that an even better option (for me) would be if the new dCS line-up had better rear outputs and optional front outputs throughout. Maybe an added cost for better rear outputs is an option. (Don’t MSB do something like that?)

One thing that’s easy to forget is how long the gestation period is for many products. The Vivaldi is knocking ten years old now, isn’t it? I’d be surprised if its replacement isn’t already largely pinned down in terms of features…

/me crosses fingers for the Praetorius or the dCS Bonzodog (the Vivaldi replacement).

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:rofl: :rofl:

Now I cannot sleep any more, way behind bedtime :joy:

I don’t foresee a separate dCS headphone amp - there are already a lot out there and what would differentiate it. But I would love to see dCS license the Expanse technology.

For example, my other headphone system is the RAAL/Requisite SR1a ear speakers with Schiit Jotunheim R amp. They are a very specific type of headphone that require a very specific type of connection, one that dCS is unlikely to adopt (prove me wrong). But - if the amp could adopt Expanse, awesome. (In fact, I’m selling this system to focus only on the Bartok + headphones + Expanse.)


I don’t really see the need for a standalone (analog) Preamp or Headphone Amp from dCS.

I’d rather dCS continue their R&D spend within their core competency, i.e digital. Especially given the flagship is now relatively long-in-the-tooth since 2.0, there’s probably avenue to further improve it’s performance :wink:

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Adding my two cents here, and recognizing my lower end equipment relative to this group (only Puccini), but perhaps some experience in building brands.

I would expect the following:
(1) no separate DCS preamp, likely ever. DCS has repeatedly boasted about their digital volume control, and that you can connect their player directly to a power amp, and they would rather you take the money for the preamp and invest it in digital.

(2) no separate amp line. Right now DCS has something most companies only dream about: a consistent story, deep expertise in a valuable domain, and accordinlgy great products. The company’s history is in signal processing, that led to excellence in digital, that in turn leads to the Rossini and Vivaldi. They have no such story or history in amplification, no 30+ years of instutional knowledge in amplification, and there is no reason to expect them to produce a superior amp (or preamp) relative to the market.

(3) Consistent improvements and investments in next generations of the Bartok with the same format (digital plus amp), as this is perfect solution for the headphone space.

ok, I can see there is no consensus around a separate headphone amp, neither on a preamp…reading this thread, the best idea seems to be the Vivaldi 3.0 including a phone amp with the Expanse technology :wink:

dCS people ! Now you know what to do first in 2021 :slight_smile:

No preamp for me to.
I vote for a Vivaldi Network Bridge without upsampler.
With USB out to the Vivaldi DAC, haha…

Or a new Vivaldi clock including the Network Bridge :slight_smile:

Bartok s/w upgrade first please :slight_smile:

No way… you have everything in one box already…:laughing:

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