Vivaldi vs my turntable

Mixed feeling this evening…I upgraded my Linn LP12, without entering the details, it is now a full spec. Klimax LP12…So, the good things first, it sounds very different from before, but it sounds great.
And after 4 days, I started a comparison with my dCS Vivaldi dac + Network Bridge…to my surprise…it sounds exactly the same, impossible to hear a difference.
Mixed feeling because there is 10k € between the two.
But, my dCS upsampler is waiting my new hifi furniture to replace the NB…and then I do hope my Vivaldi set up shall take the lead :laughing:

Does someone experienced something similar ?

I have always maintained a good vinyl reproduction system so I have over 50 years of experience with that. However, without going into a lengthy exposition, I will just say that as there are so many variables involved making a valid comparison between the two different media is like comparing plums and lychees. I have given up. One thing that I would guess is that if you are finding the two to be indistinguishable you must have tried only a limited range of digital files or LPs so far.

BTW if your upgrade included the new Kandid cartridge then ( assuming that you sleep like other humans :smiley:) after 4 waking days even if you put it on at, say,09:00 and played LP music continuously each day until 23:00 it would still not be really run in enough to make a serious comparison, you would just about be over the initial stages. At this point you should now also repay attention to the finer points of LP12 set up particularly regarding SRA and VTF .


Your are correct, the new set up must play much more before it is at its best. I played music a little bit less than your hypothesis :grinning:

And your are right with your first statement I only compared the digital set up and the turntable with one LP.

Usually I don’t spend time in comparing set up and gear, I did it for fun, and I am not worried with the result, I do enjoy my Vivaldi DAC every day and it is the same with my LP12, which I use a little bit less, streaming is so convenient.

However I am still surprised that such an old technology can be as good as new digital technology.

One of my favourite things is change to my mono cartridge and play to visitors an original mono UK Capitol pressing from 1958 of Come Fly With Me ; Frank Sinatra and hear the WTF! ( or equivalent) reaction :grin:.

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I have a bespoke Lin LP12 set up wit Dynavector xvit cartridge, an Avid Dark special edition turntable, and a Vivaldi stack for digital. If you cannot tell the difference between analogue and digital, something(s) are seriously wrong

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