Vivaldi Upsampler to Delius

Can the Vivaldi Upsampler output dual AES TO the legacy Delius DAC?



Yes, you can feed the Dual AES from a Vivaldi Upsampler into a Delius DAC. This will work up to a maximum sample rate of 192kHz.

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The Vivaldi Upsampler basically uses dual AES/EBU connection deliver content that is either DSD or higher PCM rates. I do not think Delius could process DSD* or PCM rates over 192KS/s ( if the latter, I am basing this on the Elgar specs). Delius certainly cannot process DSD via DoP and the even the Elgar /Elgar Plus could not process PCM rates over 192 KS/s.

*Was there a Delius Plus that could? Anyway if so the interface at that time would have been IEEE 1394 and it would have related to dCS encrypted DSD from SACD.

So it depends what you need to do as my guess is that if Delius had dual AES/EBU it would only be required for PCM 176.4 or 192. S/Pdif would cater for lower standard PCM resolutions i.e. <96KS/s.

Basically those old dCS DACS need a downsampler to work with very hi-res files . This is provided for in the Network Bridge but not the Vivaldi Upsampler.

It is a shame that dCS has removed the user manuals for this early range from the documents it has online. They used to be there as the “Classic Series”.


Thanks for your reply James!