Vivaldi One vs Music server

Dear Andrew,
I am using Vivaldi One with Vivaldi master clock and Cybershaft OP21A for Ext-Ref in.
I am using Roon Nucleus + to manage my Tidal and Qobuz playlist so most of the time i am listenning to streaming music.
Roon Nucleus is connecting to AQVOX switch. Same as Vivaldi One. Both is using Nordost Heimdall Ethernet cables.
This is my signal path.

I am planning for an upgrade so i read from many forums.
Most of them suggest adding a good music server could improve sound quality of the system.
But what i really dont understand is Vivaldi One is a best DAC and upsampler which mean it could do best on a digital to digital then digital to analog task. Why adding a good server could improve SQ? Does that mean a digital to digital part of Vivaldi is not as good as other Music server? Or it always be better if we separate those tasks to different box?

Hello Tam. Pardon my butting in, but I think people are just “selling you.” You already have an excellent music server/streamer in the Nucleus+. You don’t need to buy another server to feed the V1. Add a hard drive or SSD internally or externally to your Nucleus+ or connect an NAS. Serving files over Ethernet into a Vivaldi One DAC is simply not going to get much better, especially with the clocking you’ve got going. And IMHO it certainly won’t be bettered by a server connecting via SPDIF or USB.

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Totally welcome Greg! Thank for your sharing.

Yes I think Greg has nailed it for you. Only if u didn’t have the Nucleus+ or similar would you maybe consider a server/streamer.

I have a Bartok + Rossini Clock into headphones and upgraded my source and signal path as follows

QNAP NAS with SSD cache and LPSU
English Electric 8Switch

Definite improvement for me when I upgraded the above.

I will try something like an Innuos music server, but only If I get it on a 30d+ trial and if I can’t hear the difference (I mean a decent step up) then it would be returned.

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