Vivaldi DAC : volume at minimum when power on


I use to the volume of my integrated amp putting the volume of the Vivaldi at 0db. I would like to test the volume through the Vivaldi dac. My question is to know, as I did not find on the manual, of there is a setup to put the volume of the Vivaldi when it is powered on at a level much lower than 0db to avoid any issues (or at least at the minimum level) ?
Is 0db the volume without any gain neither attenuation ?

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The Vivaldi DAC remembers the most recent volume setting and restores that when the unit is powered up. There is no way to alter this behavior, and in practice it’s not really necessary. If the unit is used via a preamp / integrated with a downstream volume control then leaving the setting at 0db is appropriate. When connected directly to an amplifier with no downstream volume control then the last used setting is appropriate as it is unlikely that this will be set to a level which is too high.

The 0db setting bypasses the internal volume control and has no attenuation whatsoever. Overall gain will be set via the output level (voltage) setting.

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Just to confirm if my understanding is correct:
Does the volume control behaviour described above also apply to the Network Bridge and other products?
I have set the level at 0.0 dB so there is no attenuation for the Network Bridge i.e. bits in = bits out.

That is correct.

Thank you Andrew