Vivaldi Clock with Uptone EtherREGEN

Is it possible to use the Vivaldi Clock in conjunction with the newly announced Uptone EtherREGEN switch? Here’s the web page: and the relevant portion:

Extreme usage with an External Reference Clock:

The Crystek CCHD-575 XO used in the EtherREGEN is about the lowest phase-noise production XO available. [Sorry, but the $50~$100 OCXOs we see tossed into stock switches do not outperform the Crystek at low-offsets where it counts; Manufacturers have to spend $500 and up to obtain OCXO clocks with significantly lower phase-noise than the Crystek we use.]

Yet some audiophiles have discovered benefits using expensive ultra-low-jitter/low-phase-noise 10MHz reference clocks with their DACs or USB streamers and conditioners. A clock synthesizer (to generate the various frequencies) is always required for a device to accept an external reference clock. Since we already utilize a very advanced one to produce the 4 clock lines in the EtherREGEN, it was easy for us to include provision for connection of an external 10MHz clock. The BNC jack and termination resistor of the EtherREGEN are for a 75ohm clock line (Yes, we can provide units with 50ohm, but reluctantly and only upon special request.)

No, the clock frequency is set differently. The only way It can be done is if you connect slave your Vivaldi to a Mutec REF10 Masterclock, and connect the etherREGEN to the Mutec. I cannot see the benefit in this sort of outlay.

The Vivaldi Clock doesn’t have a provision for a 10MHz output so, no, it won’t function with that device.

Oh well…“hope springs eternal”. Nonetheless, I’ll be curious to see how well the EtherREGEN performs next month when it replaces my current Cisco 2960.

I doubt this clock would be any better than the Vivaldi clock. And keep in mind that the two clocks are really asynchronous. Frankly, other than a clock that is messed up enough to produce read errors requiring re-requests, I don’t see how this would matter in the clocking of a DAC at all. The clock in the ethernet bus is completely separate from the one used in the DAC.

The etherREGEN is a switch not a clock so it cant be compared to the Vivaldi clock in that way.

As written before the only way to use these two together is to connect both etherREGEN and Vivaldi “master” clock to a “reference” clock that outputs a 10MHz signal like the Mutec Ref 10.

I doubt that it will make any difference so use it just as a regular switch but that is just my opinion.

Or just skip the 10 Mhz input on the UptoneEther ( it is just an extra option) just use it as an normal switch to your vivaldi upsampler/streamer , that is the best way.

I just own a dCS Network bridge but I will get a etherREGEN from the first batch and just use it as a regular switch :slight_smile: no 10MHz input.

This is how the system will look (might not be fiber from router to etherREGEN so dont mind that).

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