Tidal search does not work in dCS Mosaic


Installed the new Mosaic app, but the searchfuction in Tidal does not work, it only say it cant find the artist , song , album , plsylist regardless of what you searching on.

I am based in Sweden and i know a few forum members in Audiophilestyle.com ( NWB topic) , also got the same fault that is based in other countries in EU.

Did you know about this issue, and something you are looking into ?

Best Regards


There is an intermittent issue with the provider we use to aggregate the search and browse interface from the various streaming services. They are working on correcting it.

Try logging out of Tidal and then back in. That will clear your session and should refresh your connection.

Hi Andrew!

I tried to log out and back again last night but no luck or for the other users in the forum;(

Does your Mosaic at dCS work with Tidal search?

Hi Fredrik

I know that it’s no consolation for you but just as a data point to help debugging, TIDAL search is working fine for me - using a US account on the East coast of the USA.


Yes, it does. It works very well.

Unfortunately there’s an issue with the server that performs the search and that is completely outside of our control.

This should be in better shape now as some changes were made this morning. Have you tried it since last night?

Just wait and see if it will be solved soon then​:pray:t2::pray:t2:


Off topic

I sough that Napster will implement MQA Studio Master quality 24 bit - 384 khz for 13 monthly vs Tidal MQA 24/96 30 monthly, is this something you will implement in the Mosaic later on ?