Skipping tracks backward in 24/192 / flac material to listen to them again causes DCS Bartók to restart

Skipping tracks backward in 24/192 / flac material to listen to them again causes DCS Bartók to restart.
When I use the remote control and want to go back a few tracks to the beginning of the album and press skip back button 5 times one by one my bartok freezes and restarts after a while. This makes it difficult to listen to the tracks from the 24/192 album again. Please check this problem. The material is 24/192 Flac.
Regards Robert

Robert, why do you not access ( or re-access) tracks played earlier by simply going to the play queue and starting it again but from the track that you want i.e. using Play from Here option?

I appreciate that this does not deal exactly with your issue but it seems a preferable way of achieving the same result as far as your listening needs are concerned.

Yes, using the “Play from here” function is a very good proposition, but it has a big disadvantage for me. It requires much more clicks than pressing a button on the remote control several times, greatly extending the time it takes to go to the selected track. It will not be difficult for a sighted person, because seeing the right track on the list, he simply clicks on it and starts playing. A blind person, however, has to move to the selected piece one by one. Not to mention that before it displays the Quee list, it must first click to it on the main screen. This is a good solution, but very time-consuming. However, I would prefer it to work after using the remote control. Your suggestion is acceptable as a temporary solution. It seems to me, however, that the natural behavior of the company when there are errors in the software is to remove them, and not to look for solutions that force us users to unusual and time-consuming solutions, such as converting the 24 / 192flac material to other formats because our expensive equipment is not refined functions and bugs in the software. Maybe that’s too much of a criticism, but that’s how I feel now.

Robert I do sympathise with all of your points. Of course there are other issues currently with the replay of 24/192 files especially when streamed where gapless is not supported.

As always better software is the best solution.

Hi Pete, I’m sorry for my previous post. You responded to him by looking for a good solution for me. Thank you for your hint, empathy and moral support. Sometimes I have the impression that DCS users’ comments are heard less often than I would wish for DCS users. It is probably not a complete picture because, for example, DCS Mosaic has been improved and I can enjoy its accesybility. In addition, MinimSerwer completed the missing functionalities and I can use this tandem with great pleasure. However, it would be nice to hear that DCS sees the problem. Currently, such a temporary solution is available. The company, on the other hand, is working on improving the software and will release a fix in the near future. Meanwhile, I receive a message from DCS. OK, there is a problem and we are not going to fix it. In this way, we are permanently left with makeshift solutions that definitely do not match the image of a premium brand.

I know that dCS really do listen to our comments, suggestions and needs. However , as they have explained in the past, these have to be evaluated and prioritised as there are more of them than can be actioned within available budgets or other resources. In effect each one has to fight for its place. For example if only one person is experiencing something that requires attention and the solution looks to involve a whole month of a full time development engineer it is frankly likely to go to the bottom of the pile. I guess that in the case of issues relating to 24/192 files currently they are likely to have lower priority as there are so few of them compared with other formats.

One problem is now how complex things have become with so many available sources each of which introduces new formats or features to (hopefully) be incorporated within existing software. This this often done without notice leaving consumers frustrated and product manufacturers puzzling how they can react.

So although I agree with you that makeshift solutions are not ideal I am afraid that dCS also have to make the right economic choices for them to survive as a small cutting edge company. I suppose that the alternative would be to do what most of their competitors do. Have a product that is fixed in all ways and where any new requirements are not addressed until the introduction of the replacement model .

BTW there was no need for you to make any apology for your earlier post. You made some good points which I took on board and I thank you for them.