Simultaneous USB and Ethernet connection from Roon Nucleus to Vivaldi One

I’d like to do simultaneous A/B comparison of the sound of Roon Nucleus via Ethernet connection in Vivaldi One, compared to USB 1 Input of Vivaldi One. To hear the USB input, do I need to disconnect the Ethernet? How can I have both active simultaneously for A/B comparison?
Thank You.

You can’t have both sources playing simultaneously. When the source is switched away from the network input Roon playback will stop.

To save yourself some trouble I can assure you that the performance via the network input is higher.


Thank you.

Would you also expect the performance of network input from a NAS to be higher than USB input from a flash drive with the same files? I’m aware that USB audio over a cable has some compromising properties, but I don’t know if those also extend to USB flash drives. Ultimately, I’m just searching for the digital delivery input/method that is most likely to provide the highest performance.

In a word, yes.

I like how plays Bartok from USB stick. Plug and play without any network equipment, using only preamp remote for play/stop tracks. It’s some old school experience like CD :slight_smile: