Should I swap a Network Bridge with a Vivaldi Upsampler?

I have the current Vivaldi 2.0 with a Network Bridge, which works fine. However, now with the APEX being released, my dealer is tempting me with an upgrade of the DAC, in combination with swapping the NB for an Upsampler. I have searched for credible reviews of the Upsampler, but have not found any. So my question is, if we leave the APEX out for now, why would I upgrade the NB to the Vivaldi Upsampler?
And next (because I know it’s coming), why would I add the Vivaldi Clock, when I already slave the NB/Upsampler to the DAC?

Other members here will, I think, confirm that the upsampler yields better sound quality than the network bridge. This week I have heard the effect of a Vivaldi clock inserted between a Rossini transport and Vivaldi dac (previously the transport was slaved to the dac): the improvement in the realism of the musical sound was obvious, alas. I say ‘alas’ because of the cost, which we all expect to increase very shortly. You might want to hurry…

I had the same configuration and I eventually replaced the NB with the Upsampler.
Well, the sound is obviously better, Inwould say that the bigger change is that instruments are much more individually identifiable, and the sound is more pleasant, more bass and mids are richer.

That said, the NB + Vivaldi is fantastic. If I were you I would wait because the price of the Upsampler will increase without added calue for the customer, I wouldn’t
Be surprised that in 3 or 4 months the Apex Upsampler shall show up…

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