Rossini v2.1 - when will the Mosaic app be updated?

Rossini v2.1 includes Expanse. But there’s no way to engage or disengage it other than the front panel.

When will dCS Mosaic be updated to enable this?

A update for Mosaic will be available in the near future so that dCS Expanse settings can be
accessed using dCS Mosaic Controller.

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What exactly is the “dCS Mosaic Controller”? Nevermind, it’s the app. I misread.

The question is… WHEN? :slight_smile:

I tried to compare Expanse 1/2 vs none using the front panel. I ended up screwing up most of my other settings try to make the changes in time before the display reverts to normal. for me it was too frustrating and just gave up until the Mosaic update happens.

I am not particularly clumsy and yet I do find setting through the front panel pretty finicky as well.

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Mosaic Control has had Expanse for quite a while now (on the Bartok). I’m sure it’s imminent for Rossini as well. Folks just need to exercise a little patience :laughing:


We are aiming for next month for the Mosaic update - hopefully in the early part, but that of course depends on if anything comes up during testing and verification of the software.

The reason for the delay is that there are a few other things being rolled into the update, such as HLS support and some accessibility fixes to go along with the Mosaic Expanse controls for Rossini.


HTTP Live Streaming support?


Yes, correct.


Thank you.

HLS support? Fabulous, subject to airable hat may enable the return of the BBC radio stations for UK users via Mosaic. Of course I understand there is many a slip etc.*

  • For non UK English speakers “Many a slip"is short for one of our idioms " Many a slip 'twixt cup and lip” meaning although the completion of an action is very close accidents can still happen.
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Pete, airble did announce support for BBC/HLS streams back in November’22. So, James’ post definitely looks like good news for dCS BBC listeners;

Airable will provide working HLS / Dash streams for BBC programs in the regions where they are available.


Experimenting with Rossini various crossfeed options here, with interesting, while controversial, results…

Do we have an update about when the new Mosaic app with Expanse for Rossini will be released?

This month

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