Rossini player update issues

Just got my Rossini player, I installed Rossini player app on IPAD and can’t find any “check for updates” option,Version info from app show the Front panel version and Control board Version is 1.03, Network borad version is What needs to be done first? Thanks

If it is like my network bridge you type in the ip address of your Rossini in your browser and a page will come up where you can do the upgrade and change other settings.

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On top of octaviars recommendation, why not using/testing the mosaic app ? You can also try the update through this app. I don’t know if the « old »applications are maintained (network bridge, vivaldi, Rossini)

Tried the latest mosaic app,can’t connect to Rossini(older version won’t work now),typing the Rossini ip in the browser will lead to manual update (require firmware file)

Your Rossini has incredibly old network firmware. So old that it doesn’t support updates via the app and that’s why you aren’t seeing an update button in Mosaic Control.

You’ll need to contact the selling dealer and enlist their assistance with the update. If you purchased the unit used then contact the distributor in your country and they’ll be able to help you out.

Contacted the dealer and got the network firmware update file,updated in the browser and clicked through in the Mosaic.Thanks