Rossini not able to save/restore configuration settings?

I have recently noticed that my Rossini Network DAC does not seem to be able to save/restore my settings…? I also noticed that the Serial no. is displayed as “NOT SET” (viewed via unit display/Mosaic Status)?

Any advice welcome.


The Save / Restore configuration function does not save all settings but should maintain most of them.

The serial number is more concerning. Am I understanding you that when you access the info screen on the device’s front panel it’s showing “NOT SET” in the serial number field or is this only from within the Mosaic Control app?

The NOT SET is shown in both Mosaic and via the front panel…?

If you can confirm which settings are saved/restorable that would be useful. Thanks

We need to get to the bottom of this issue as this should not be happening. Best bet at this point is to make contact with your dealer and let them know the problem. They’ll work with our service department to get this straightened out. Fortunately, this has no impact on performance of the unit, but could indicate an issue with the unit’s non-volatile RAM.

OK thanks Andrew. Will do.