Rossini into ATC SMC40a's

Newbie to this forum - am considering a Rossini + clock into SM40a’s - anyone any experience with this setup? Do the speakers allow the Rossini to work well? Am trialling it at home, and it’s a step above the Bartok into the same speakers - but not had any chance to hear it into other speakers. So experiences welcomed. Not sure I can afford anything above the 40a’s tbh, and not planning to use a preamp with the setup either, but if the speakers are a major handicap, I’ll need to think more carefully…

I use a Vivaldi into ATC SCM50ASLs. In fact over 25 years I have used all three generations of dCS stacks into active ATCs . So not an exact equivalent but a reasonable comparison and a lot of experience.

OK the SCM 40As are not quite in the same league as the 50s. The difference is not merely an extra 10 litres in cabinet size. However I do hear a pair of the former reasonably regularly and would anticipate that a step up to the Rossini could be worthwhile though I might regard it as an interim stage. Nevertheless without a preamp it has the chance of sounding a bit clinical IMO. Others may disagree but I would want to add a decent preamp ASAP. Further I would be looking towards a pair of e.g. 50s as my next move for the future.

You say that you are currently trialling at home so any opinion that I may have is going to be inferior to your direct experience. Ultimately you will have to make up your own mind on this.

Replacing your 40 to 50 you will get a huge increase even with the current Bartok))

Ho hum. So after lots of testing, it’s clear to me that Bartok -> Rossini with clock - yes please.

And 40A’s to 50A’s - yes please. But the problem is that Bartok + 40A’s is half the cost (a car or so’s) of the Rossini/clock/50A’s. So each element, absolutely. In total - need to resolve the vfm in my head…

Vfm is such a subjective thing. For most people what we are paying thousands for is neither within their expectation nor desire.

Putting on my iconoclast hat I think that, given budgetary constraints, you may be happier with a Bartok + ATC SCA2 into the active 40s than a Rossini directly into the 40s. If your dealer can set up a dem ( with social distancing of course) or better a home loan then I wouldn’t overlook this combination before opening my wallet.

I would change my Bartok + SCA2 preamp to Rossini)) There are advantages to the SCA2, but even with Bartok connected directly to actives they are also)))
One minus of DA is a low volume level. But ATC with any combination like louder))

But it is likely that using 40s, without using a preamp, will be a bit clinically. So I vote for the 50s, they are more balanced from high to low. Next step - Rossini -> SCA2, yes!))