Rossini DAC dropping network connection all of a sudden

This past week I tried a DJM Gigafoil Ethernet filter between my router and the Rossini DAC. We were unable to get it to work, the Rossini could not connect to network no matter what we tried…we verified the connection was good with a laptop, the network is 100%. Anyway, I gave up on the Gigafoil (for the moment) and attempted to reconnect straight into the Rossini like before (have never had one second of trouble). Ever since, it will not keep a network connection…it will stay connected for random periods of time…5 minutes here, 1 minute, 10 minutes etc and then drop the connection.

Has anyone experienced this behavior? First, is there an incompatibility between the Gigafoil and dCS products? Second, did it do something to the network card since I cannot get it to stay connected anymore? Seems like it’s some type of network/software/IP address issue and not a hardware issue but who knows. Any ideas? Thanks!

I have a Gigafoil arriving tomorrow. The Uptone EtherRegen arrived today. I plan to try both in front of my MSB and my PSA DirectStream [my dCS stuff isn’t here yet]. Looking forward to hearing your outcome; this is unsettling.

I tried a GigiFoil in my setup and ended up returning it as I had continuous dropouts. I made other changes around the same time including swapping the eihernet cable for fiber optic and all my issues disappeared. Not sure if it was gigafoil with my Upsampler or the ethernet cable. All I can say is i am rock solid after eliminating the GigaFoil and the 30’ ethernet run for fiber.

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