Rossini DAC dropping network connection all of a sudden

This past week I tried a DJM Gigafoil Ethernet filter between my router and the Rossini DAC. We were unable to get it to work, the Rossini could not connect to network no matter what we tried…we verified the connection was good with a laptop, the network is 100%. Anyway, I gave up on the Gigafoil (for the moment) and attempted to reconnect straight into the Rossini like before (have never had one second of trouble). Ever since, it will not keep a network connection…it will stay connected for random periods of time…5 minutes here, 1 minute, 10 minutes etc and then drop the connection.

Has anyone experienced this behavior? First, is there an incompatibility between the Gigafoil and dCS products? Second, did it do something to the network card since I cannot get it to stay connected anymore? Seems like it’s some type of network/software/IP address issue and not a hardware issue but who knows. Any ideas? Thanks!

I have a Gigafoil arriving tomorrow. The Uptone EtherRegen arrived today. I plan to try both in front of my MSB and my PSA DirectStream [my dCS stuff isn’t here yet]. Looking forward to hearing your outcome; this is unsettling.

I tried a GigiFoil in my setup and ended up returning it as I had continuous dropouts. I made other changes around the same time including swapping the eihernet cable for fiber optic and all my issues disappeared. Not sure if it was gigafoil with my Upsampler or the ethernet cable. All I can say is i am rock solid after eliminating the GigaFoil and the 30’ ethernet run for fiber.

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FWIW, I finally got around to putting the GigaFoil v4 in front of the Upsampler today. Works just fine, just as it did in front of the MSB. No dropouts. Haven’t done any serious comparison between with/without, though and probably won’t be able to until the weekend. Listening to the Vivaldi does not make me want to spend more time playing equipment reviewer. Quite the opposite.

You had better results than I. I returned my GigaFoil as I could never keep from having dropouts when connected to the Upsampler. Not 100% sure it was the GigaFoil, could have been the ethernet cable. I know that since I replaced my ethernet cable with fiber optic and inserted a optical module from Small Green Computer I am rock solid.

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Did you get the Sonore Optical Module? I looked at that as a way to replace my FMC mish-mash, but ended up choosing the GigaFoil. Still too much voodoo in all this. Things like this should just work.

Most “real” network products do just work and they work well.

It’s the audiophile “improvements” that you need to watch out for…

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:rofl: So true Andrew! Actually, today I swapped a second Cisco Catalyst 3650 PoE switch into the speaker system, replacing an SG300-10. I wanted the PoE version so I could dispense with another power cord. And . . . It just worked.

I too have been getting drops with the gigafoil v4 and DCS Network Bridge. I’ve been using an Sbooster PS with the Gigafoil - just switched to the stock power supply to see if that makes a difference. It didn’t.

I guess I’ll try the Etherregen. Bummer. The Gigafoil does improve the sound a bit.

Did anyone contact the Gigafoil manufacturer to see if they could do anything? By looking at the DCS Network Bridge logfiles when it happens, I think it has something to do with broadcast traffic not getting through the gigafoil sometimes.

Did you ask your internet provider to send a reset to your Modem? I started getting dropouts yesterday after almost two years of rock solid performance. I restarted Roon, by Upsmapler, DAC, disconnected and reconnected by optical module with no success. I then called Comcast and had them send a reset to my modem. It them restarted my wireless router and voila no more issues.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Jim! This gives me hope.

I don’t use the cable company’s (Comcast) router, I bought my own. But I’ll call them to see if they can do a “reset”. Will report back.

I also use my own cable modem and router. You don;lt even have to talk to someone to get a reset sent.

Well, I reset my router by powering off/on. No improvement.

I should explain what I meant by “drops”.

In the Mosaic app, I will get an error that states: “Lost Connection to DcS Network Bridge (54399) - Attempting to reconnect” - with a spinning icon.

If this happens while I’m playing a song, the song continues to play until the end. Sometimes, If I’m playing from a Deezer playlist or Flow and this happens, the music will stop after the currently playing song finishes - and does not play the next song. I have to reconnect to the NB, go to Deezer, select Flow again to start music playing.

I had Qobuz for a few months and had the same experience. 'Happens from both iPhone and Android.

If I remove the Gigafoil - problem gone. I can only think that the gigafoil is not passing some required traffic. I “enabled UPnP” on my router, but that didn’t help either.

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I tried a gigaFoil about 20 months ago. Had dropout issues and returned the unit. I replaced with a opticalModule from Small Green Computer and ran optical cable from my router to the module just in from of my Upsampler. Rock solid and quiet.

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Given your and Jim’s experience, I strongly encourage you to share this problem with DJM. As reported in other threads, I’ve had nothing but solid experience with my two GigaFoil 4 units. And I literally stream through both of them 365/24/7. So, there must be something at work here that is explained either by faulty units (my suspicion) or by common factors in your systems. I admit that the fact that the song continues playing to end when the connection is dropped has me flummoxed. Not sure how big the Rossini buffer is, but I doubt it’s more than 5–10 seconds worth of music. I know Jim returned his unit, but I suspect they would want to know about this problem among high-end users.